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Custom activation mode will be removed to simplify the user experience
Hi, I regret to say that we will be limiting our free domain offering to one month soon, this unfortunate decision I have to make as our DNS bill is getting too high for me to cover. We will be transitioning to a single Premium £5/month plan with first month free. Existing Premium customers will not be affected. Existing Free users will have to switch to Premium after one month. I understand this may be an unexpected change after so many years but it is also fair to our donation users who have helped to support the project.
Photoprism app is available in the store. Help us brining more apps subscribe today.
Was playing with stable diffusion web app:
Took few mins to generate it on my x86 no special gpu device. I think it can do much more than this I just do not understand half of the words they use :) Do you need it?
Reading between the lines I realised that some people do not want to share their personal info even with payment systems, is crypto considered safer in that case?
Another open source AI similar to chatgpt4 which can respond text/picture requests. I do not have access to chatgpt4 but I compared it with free chatgpt3 on some coding questions and produces the same level responses, so maybe this is a good candidate for a personal assistant app.
Stable Diffusion app is out, should work on x86 (Intel/AMD) with at least 8Gb of memory
Telegram bridge is now available in Matrix, just update and send message "help" to "@telegrambot:matrix.[your domain]"
Next Matrix bridge?
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Ok, Signal Matrix bridge is out! As usual say "help" to "@signalbot:matrix.[your domain]" to connect.
Slack is out as well with more matrix stability fixes. Say "help" to "@slackbot:matrix.[your domain]" to connect.
Matrix to DIscord bridge is ready!
Install progress is now available, you can install multiple apps, refresh pages, it will be shown correctly.
Transmission - A Fast, Easy and Free Bittorrent Client is available now!
Frigate is an open source NVR built around real-time AI object detection. It is now available on Syncloud.
Nextcloud 28.0.2 is out!
Crypto is now available as subscription payment option, currently you can buy a year for 0.05 ETH at