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Honest Blockchain Investment Dao Standard
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You can email Alexander any time about your SwiftDao thoughts and questions at alexander@swiftdao.com
Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the proposed features for the SwiftDao standard.
One of the big things I talked about with several people was the value of connecting with other investors
So I am adding social features as a critical feature for SwiftDaos
Our first social feature will be a discord integration that allows SwiftDaos to create and manage channels as well as elect moderators
New blog post on how multi unit dutch auctions work for SwiftDaos. It's quite simple, and modeled on the US Treasury auction developed by Milton Friedman. https://swiftdao.com/blog/multiunitdutchauctionsinsmartcontracts
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Here's the first draft of SwiftDao 1,0. It takes a MVB (minimum viable blockchain) approach and only contains the most critical subset of the ideas proposed in the blog. I'd love to hear any thoughts and feedback, whether its as simple as grammar or as big as conceptual direction.