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Supra is an innovative project within DeFi ecosystem on the BSC that implements innovative low-risk saving systems, medium-risk yield farming strategies and also contemplates a space for those who want to venture into a high investment risk
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Forwarded from Tobias Wep
Curve compound with 0% fee (Polygon)
Apeswap (BSC) in ZeroVaults
Estimated, due to changes in Spiritswap contracts, the Spirit / FTM, WBTC / FTM and WETH / FTM vaults of LP SpiritSwap are not giving rewards We ask you please, remove your LP from those vaults
Hey Guys!
For those who miss our "degen mode", we are happy to announce that the Falopa community is expanding. You can join the new group in English.

There we can discuss projects with different levels of risk and
find and meet with various devs
New vaults on Fantom. Tomb Finance
New Spirit Boosted Farms Vault!
BTC and ETH complete Spirit Boosted Farms. (Fantom)
New vault on Fantom. SCREAM-FTM (SteakHouse). Use SpookySwap LP.
New Boo vault. Strategy using xBoo
The BOO farm on SpookySwap has finalized. You should remove your BOO tokens from the vault, and deposit them in the new xBOOsted vault to continue earning rewards. This new vault will convert your BOO into xBOO and stake them to earn FTM, those FTM will be swapped back to BOO and compounded. When you decide to leave the vault, it will convert back the xBOO to BOO.
Supra APR optimized, using Dai now, vs others
New OliveSwap vaults on Fantom!
We are compounding now with Shade. xBOOsted, the best APY for your BOOs