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A story 47 years in the making, and worth sharing. I bet you didn't know what Richard Branson did in 1968!
Hi all! We’re back and reviving our Telegram channel with an interesting topic live-streaming tonight.

“What companies ought to know about marketing that’s hurting their bottom line?”

Join our Co-Founder Simon Leung tonight on Speakers Live as he’s interviewed on Facebook and shares his insights on what you might be missing out in your business that’s hurting your bottom line.

Click here to watch it live and get your questions answered at 9pm GMT+8:
How To Make Investors Line Up and Beg To Give You Money

We’ll be going live with the Pitchfreak Antonio White responsible for $750,000,000+ in liquidity events!

Catch us live here at 10am GMT+8:
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The founder of a billion dollar internet company shares his first experience with the “The Godfather of Internet Marketing” - Mark Joyner.

Mark Joyner is a pioneer in the early days of online marketing and he will be sharing with us the roadmap to making money online in the 2020’s.

Here’s some of his credentials:
- Invented the tracking pixel that allows marketers like ecommerce stores to keep showing you ads of products that you’ve previously seen online.
- Started the world’s first ebook publishing company.
- The first online ad tracking tracking company.
- The second PPC search engine (while the Google boys were still in college).
- And more…

Join and learn from him for FREE in our upcoming online launch event here:
Summit Launch
April 9th 10am-10pm GMT+8
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Don’t miss The Godfather of Internet Marketing in our FREE event with a lineup of business, leadership, mindset, sales and marketing experts.

So that you can make 2022 your best year yet with proven strategies is actually working in this current environment.

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We’ve been raving about The Godfather of Internet Marketing for the past week, now it’s our opportunity to get to know him better and even get our questions answered as our CMO interviews him today at 11am GMT+8.

Catch it live or the replay here on Facebook:
$200M Sales Leader Shares His Secret On Expert Positioning Online

Don Pikula who used to lead a team of 58 professional sales leaders to generate $200M in revenue will be sharing how to position yourself as an industry expert with your personal virtual studio and generate more business opportunities and sales to you.

Join him and other experts in business, leadership, mindset, sales and marketing to elevate your career and business to the next level in our April 9th Summit Launch event.

Click on the link to secure your seat for the launch event:
3 Stupid Simple Ways You Can Create Better Video For Your Business with *Ken Okazaki*.

If you are a marketer, consultant, professional, solopreneur, or business owner, then you need to be publishing video content regularly to remain relevant and help the world at an even higher level.

And you’ll need Ken Okazaki's expertise. He specializes in:

- Video Marketing Strategy
- Video Production Services
- Video Content Strategy
- Remote Home Studio Setup
- Increase Online Reach
- Camera Confidence
- and many more...

Catch him LIVE on 9th April (Saturday) from 10am-10pm (GMT+8) only at

See you there!

What the cluck are they thinking?

Doesn’t it feel like a chicken talking to a duck when speaking to our colleagues, or people closest to us sometimes when we just want to get things done?

It’s so frustrating that you want to rip out your own hair when talking to people like that.

Now, what if dealing with others doesn’t have to feel this way? What if you could read the minds of the people you’re dealing with?

Yes, you can!

Unfortunately, not all of us have that ability… If only we could… Imagine how much easier it would be to reach our goals together with minimal to no conflict.

But the good news is that there is way to read peoples’ minds.

Join *Fortune 500* High-Performance Coach Justin Furness this weekend 23rd-24th Apr where he shares his LifePrintOS system with us to;

- read peoples’ minds

- transform conflict into connection

- understand ourselves better to achieve our highest potential together

- and more...

Click on the link to sign-up for the program
What if we could unlock mind reading powers as an entrepreneur?

Imagine how powerful it would be for our business in closing sales, negotiations, and understanding our clients better to serve the better.

Join Justin Furness live on Facebook today at 6pm GMT+8 as he shares his powerful LIfePrintOS system to read people's minds to connect and convert them towards your goals.

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Hey there, you're invited to join Summit Membership today and unlock 2 recorded workshops worth $3,000USD instantly:

1. Affiliate Marketing Insider Secrets by Simon Leung
2. Cashflow Injection Workshop by Grant Murrell

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See you on the Inside!
Loss can be devastating, be it in our career, business, finances and life in general.

How do we overcome these overwhelming feelings and continue living to our life’s fullest potential with no regrets?

We dig deep with former palliative care nurse and opera singer Sarasai Woods.

Catch us live on Facebook at 6pm GMT+8 here:
Suria Sparks a former teacher who lost half a million SGD turned her finances around to $10mil SGD in sales, shares with us her 7 figure Facebook & TikTok organic marketing strategy that saved her business and finances.

Join us live at 9pm GMT+8 or catch the replay here:
Breaking Barriers: How To Build Trust and Network Virtually

Gil a strategic networking and mastermind expert brought top speakers like Tony Robbins into Eastern Europe and became the top partner in the region with minimal resources.

Don't miss out on this session on how he uses the power of networking virtually to successfully build businesses and how you can too.

Join us live today at 9pm GMT+8 to get your questions answered by Gil himself!
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You won’t believe how much it only costs to build this professional online studio…

Join former $200M sales team leader Don Pikula on May 24th and 26th, 8pm-12am GMT +8 as part of the Summit VIP membership program.

Where he will teach you how to build your online studio to:
1. Stand Out Instantly As An Expert
2. Deliver Your Message To A Global Audience
3. Generate Income From Anywhere

When you attend you will receive gifts worth $7,500 USD, including:
1. Open Broadcaster Software
2. 3 Scenes Created With Don
3. Joel’s Logo Creation
4. Single Screen Studio Template
5. Home Studio for Under $300
6. Intro Videos For Your Broadcast
7. Outdoor Backdrops

Join the Summit VIP membership join Don in building your virtual studio:
58% of Malaysian employees report facing burnout and 50% are de-prioritizing their careers in a May 2022 report.

As we go through from one extended crisis to another with continued stress and pressures weighing us down, we need to be equipped with the right tools to navigate and survive these challenging times.

Discover our library of FREE content and events to help equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to survive and thrive in your career, finances, health, business, and relationships together with a supportive community of lifelong learners and achievers.

Click on the link below to see our library and upcoming events;
What Entrepreneurs (Still) Get Wrong With Their Websites

Most entrepreneurs focus on pretty looking websites, but miss out on the key point – to convert and profit.

Now we’re not saying that having a nice looking website is not important, we’re saying that it should not be the most important thing.

Conversion and profitability is key.

Is your site converting prospects to sales? Are they being driven to a call or presentation?

Whatever it is, your website has to be moving your prospects and clients through the next stage of your sales funnel.

Once you have it running like your own ATM machine that prints you money on demand, then you can focus more on making it look pretty.

If you want to learn how to build profitable websites, join internet entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience and CTO of GrooveAsia – Nicholas McIntosh this weekend (11th & 12th June) via Zoom as he shares how to build profitable websites for your business.

Secure your free seat here:
She’s already making USD online, you can too…

I was browsing through my Facebook feed and came across this post from one of our Directors and community members - TakTak.

She attended Simon’s previous Make USD Online mini-course just over a week ago, applied the strategies and is already getting results.

It doesn’t matter whether you start by earning $1, $10, $100, or more online. The most important thing is that you start, once you get the results, you can scale it up.

Not only does Simon teach you how to make USD online, he teaches you how to make repeat sales to generate regular income from your online business.

He’ll be running another GrooveAsia fully sponsored Make USD Online mini-course on the 20th of July (Wed), 8pm GMT+8 (Malaysia Time).

If you want to start profiting online like TakTak did, click on the link below to register for the next session.
Do you have that creative eye and thinking to succeed in entrepreneurship?

In our fast paced world, we need to be constantly finding creative ways to engage our prospects and clients.

Looking at things from different angles and painting compelling pictures to attract more people to our business.

We need to constantly be disrupting the norms or risk being tuned-out by the market.

Want to learn how to be a disruptive entrepreneur that grabs the attention of your clients?

Learn more in a special free webinar that’s being run by former fashion designer turned disruptive entrepreneur for over 21 years – Jaz Lai by clicking the link below: