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The official info channel for the All Paws on Deck on 23.08.2022 in Berlin, DE.
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You might already know him from our twitter. 🎁



Known for his diversive style of Banana House, Kana seems to bring a party to every dancefloor. This time he wants to show our guests that his sounds are also waterproof.
GOOD, Who is ready for some information?

First of all, our route!
It is not the most awesome dope route possible but that should not matter for having a great party! Why not to Merkels house or Central Station? Our boat is not fast in the narrow canals, therefore it will take already 1.5 hours to Treptower park from the Estrel.

Everyone loves fursuits right?
You're welcome to bring your own fursuit onboard. We have a fursuitlounge onboard including water and fans. Please keep in mind that space is limited! If possible, do NOT bring all your stuff onboard and if you can, leave your suitcase in the Estrel.

EF security is helping us to make sure we will have a great party. If you have any questions or concerns during the party, please contact the Summerboat crew (red lanyards) or EF security. They also have their camelbags (water bags) with them for fursuiters.

Drinks and food!
The boat will have a few bars where you can get drinks and snacks. Think about beers, wine, cocktails, softdrinks and more. Snacks will be small dishes like currywurst, pretzels, boulette, candy and few other things. They will also create a special cocktail for us!

Prices are almost the same as the Estrel or a bit lower. Payments can be made with cash or by card.

During the boattrip we will have DJ's with the best music to dance to. Next to that we will also host Karaoke, do we have a lounge area and can you enjoy the wind and sun on the outdoor decks.

- Please do not throw stuff in the water. Think about cans, glass, fursuiters, plastic, Chaga and other things.
- Do NOT put stickers everywhere. I know that everyone loves stickers but the boat company does NOT like them. I am also not in the mood to remove them in the middle of the night.
- If there is anything you need help with, LET US KNOW.
- The standard rules of Eurofurence do apply, also if you don't see the Estrel.
UwU, what's this! An AFTER PARTY? WOOP WOOP!πŸ₯³

After a short meeting we have decided to continue for another 2 hours in the Estrel, come chill and talk with your friends, dance on the beats of the founder of Bananahouse, NEONKANA!!!

If you prefer the best terrible music ever made, that's fine. Cause we also give you an option to listen to the BEST HITS EVER MADE like Special D, Spice Girls, A*Teens and many more!

But how are we gonna combine all of this? You will see on the boat and during the after party! Stay tuned for more info SOON.

PS: Fursuiters, bring your old school 3.5mm earpods, just do it :)
We moved outside in the beergarden!
Silent party has been opened!
Ahoy everyone! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
As our party be only 192 days away, we 'ave finally updated our website, includin' a wee surprise! πŸ›³πŸŽ
We wish ye all a nice weekend 'n hope ye're as excited as we be!
Registration will open on 8th March 2020 ✍️
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Ahoy pirates! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
We are here with some news!

The all new afternoon tour will show you Berlin including a stop in the city center. Perfect for fursuiters!
Check it out!

See you there!

βŒ›οΈ 18th August 2020 13:00 CEST
βš“οΈ Treptower Park
πŸ“’ Reg in 10 days!


πŸŽ₯ @KeksTheFurry & @SwissEddyWolfy
βœ‚οΈ @JacktheWusky & @hunterhuskynl
🎢 So Berlin (Freddy Verano Remix) - Mark Tarmonea
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Ahoy pirates! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

Of course we will still party hard in the evening!
Get ready to dance your paws off with the best DJ's, try the Silent Disco or relax and chill with a drink outside. 🍹

See you there!

βŒ›οΈ 18th August 2020 19:30 CEST
βš“οΈ ESTREL Beergarden
πŸ“’ Reg in 7 days!


πŸŽ₯ @KeksTheFurry & @Kidran
βœ‚οΈ @JacktheWusky & @hunterhuskynl
🎢 We Won't Be Alone - Feint
πŸ”Š Yaarr Mateys! Less than 2️⃣4️⃣ hours until registration πŸ—³ of opens on Sunday 2020-03-08 at 11:00 CET ⏰.

Remember❗️ There are 2️⃣ Boats:
πŸ›³ Afternoon πŸ– 13-17 CEST
πŸ›³ Evening πŸŽ† 19:30 - 23:30 CEST

to choose out of! Both chock full O’ Entertainment and Party πŸŽ‰

See you there! 🍻 🎊
Hello everybody. As you may know, the ongoing pandemic has affected every country in Europe recently. As you also may have learned, Eurofurence 26 (2020) has officially been canceled. Therefore we see no other possibility than to cancel this year’s party. All Paws on Deck will not take place this year.

The health and safety of our attendees are our utmost concern, however, we understand that most of you will be very disappointed, we are as well.

So, what now? Currently, we are working very hard to have the boat party take place at Eurofurence next year.

Since we’ve not issued any payment requests yet, refunds cannot be requested.

What about my registration?
We currently don’t have any plans to have your registrations carry over to next year. You will simply have to register again.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our staff, our volunteers and all of you great folk: The Attendees, for supporting will return next year and we’ll have to party double as hard to make up for it! All Paws on Deck!
"Arrr, ahoy! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
Ye 'ave waited long enough! We've been busy 'n can confidentally say that we shall return wit' EF fer an awesome pre-Eurofurence ship party! Registration will open may 14th 'n our website will be updated wit' more details soon!"

Reg opens 14th of May - time TBA

When: 23rd of August 2022 - 19:00
Where: Estrel Biergarten
Price: TBA + sponsor option for charity

πŸ“Έ: @ingvarjackal
We are ready to set sail on the 23rd of August.βš“οΈ

The only one missing is you!
Registration for the #EF26 Summerboat party is opening on Saturday 14.05 19h CEST at
Meet our new ship!

The MS Alexander von Humboldt will be the new place to party on the Spree.

Indoors is one very big open room with enough place for dancing, drinking and a fursuitlounge. No more small rooms and stairs.

Also, fully equipped bar and AC!
Attending #EF26 and interested in a fun time the day before?
Then join us on our party boat! πŸ”ŠπŸŽΆ πŸ›³

Registration is open until 30th of June, so extend your hotel booking and sign up today at!
Reminder! Only 20 tickets left for this year's summerboat !
You've done it! πŸŽ‰
We're almost sold out at 4 slots remaining with only a week left to go until we're closing the registration and send out the remaining requests for payment.

We hope you're as excited as we are to finally be able to party on the Spree again!

See you soon~ πŸ›³