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It was founded in 2000, by A.Zanganeh and L.Honari with the goal of preserving art and culture of Middle East.
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The music of Ostād Saba re-arranged by Arash Zanganeh especially for Daf. After a few weeks of preparation here is William Kane-Potaka performing Tamin-e-Dashti from the album. Percussion/Daf notation is available when you purchase the album. Because of the complex nature of the arrangement the song has been slowed down for this performance.
سلام به همه،
جشنواره Botanica - هنر معاصر فضای باز از 20-29 مه 2022، در باغ گیاه شناسی شهر از ساعت 5 تا 10 بعد از ظهر هر روز.
موسسه کوبه ای دف در روز افتتاحیه 20 ماه مه و روز پایانی 29 ما مه ساعت ۶ شب اجرا می کند.
جزئیات بیشتر را در پیوند زیر جستجو کنید.
Hi all,
The Botanica festival - Contemporary Art Outside from 20-29 May 2022, in the City Botanic Gardens from 5-10 pm daily if you are interested.
THE DÁF INSTITUTE will be performed on the opening day, the 20th of May, and the closing day, the 29th of May, at 6 pm.
Here are the details for your information;
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Zolfonoon ensemble, Australia music tour 2009, University of Queensland
Soheil Zolfonoon: Tar
Golnoosh Zolfonoon: Setar
Ostad Jalal Zolfonoon: Setar
Arash Zanganeh: Daf
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باغ اکبریه بیرجند | موسیقی ضبط شده از کنسرت گروه استاد جلال ذوالفنون 1378
قطعه ضربی دشتی ساخته استاد جلال ذوالفنون
دف: آرش زنگنه
Akbarieh Historical Garden in Birjand | Live music recorded from the concert of Zolfanoon Ensemble 2008
The Rhythmic Dashti piece composed by Òstâd Jalal Zolfanoon
Daf: Arash Zanganeh
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Chaharmezrab Nava
Composed by Ostad Abolhassan Saba
Arranged by Arash Zanganeh
from Seven Realms of Love music Album
چهارمضراب نوا
آهنگساز: استاد ابوالحسن صبا
تنظیم: آرش زنگنه
از آلبوم موسیقی هفت شهر عشق
See The Daf Institute performing gallery on

Multi-faith night at St Stephen's Cathedral, Brisbane, 2022
The Story of Nowruz, Brisbane Queen Mall, 2022
Flying Carpet project by Leila Honari, Botanica contemporary Arts Festival 2022
So excited to announce that Farsh-e-Parandeh "Flying Carpet" will be performed by Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra as part of the FilmHarmonic event on Friday night, the 23rd of September. This interdisciplinary live event is a collaboration between Griffith Film School and Griffith Conservatorium.
Griffith Film School Brisbane Festival The Sufi Art Group Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University The Daf Institute Leila Honari
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آوازِ من از نِدای مُعجزه است
فروغ ها، سیمین ها، حَدیث آن گوهر است
مَهسا و نیکا، طنین سلسله ی زاگرس
بودن، زنِشان عشق زن است
My song is the voice of miracle
The Foroghs, the Simins, reflections of that jewel
Mahsa and Nika were the reverberation of
the Zagros Mountains, women’s love
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This research explores how composers might use the living environment as inspiration in their creative works. It investigates composers’ perceptions of existing ‘musical’ and ‘non-musical’ patterns that can be drawn from natural environments (Blacking, 1974).
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This improvisational music was exceptional on the side of Linsey Pollak, a magnificent musician. Further, it was important that this is a unique point for my doctoral research. Arash Zanganeh
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The first music composition of The Rhythmic Sounds of Nature project is based on data collection from Springbrook National Park in January 2023.
Produced by Ash
Directed by The Sufi Art Group
Edited by The Sufi Art Group
Cinematography: Carlos Benitez
Photography: Christy Gallois
Creation Studio: KEPK Art Space
Contemporary Dance by Cottonbro studio
Advisor: William Kane-Potaka
Calligraphy: Shahriyar Shams
Vocals: Ash