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Can Our Minds Emit Light at Distance? A Pre-Registered Confirmatory Experiment of Mental Entanglement with a Photomultiplier

With this pre-registered confirmatory study, we aimed at replicating the findings observed in two previous experiments where the focused mental entanglement (ME) with a photomultiplier located approximately 7300 km far from the location of a small group of selected participants, showed an increase in the number of photons with respect to the control periods.In particular we aimed at replicating the increase of approximately 5% of photons detected in the ME periods with respect to the control periods in the bursts of photons exceeding six standard deviations from their mean.The results observed in this study confirmed this increase replicating what observed in the two previous experiments.We discuss the characteristics of these photons whose energy is estimated in approximately 65 eV at 788 THz and how ME can generate them at distance.
Mental Technologies:
distant mental influence on the behaviour, physiology, and emotions of human beings, and on biological and physical targets.

Even though it is still difficult for many to accept that our minds have the ability to influence and acquire information at a distance – that is to say, by unconventional means – there have already been several attempts to apply these abilities.

This work provides a review of state-of-the-art practical applications of our mind’s ability to obtain information at a distance, even from the future, and its ability to influence – always distantly and unconventionally – the behaviour, emotions, and physiology of human beings and biological and physical targets.

Within the rich variety of these applications, some are already common outside the sphere of pure scientific research because their efficacy has by now been validated, while others’ applicability still require fine-tuning so that they too, in a not too distant future, become real mental technologies.

Keywords: mental interaction at a distance; remote viewing; anticipation.
Potential Impact of Geopathic Radiation on Environment and Health

Geopathic Stress is a distorted or disrupted electromagnetic field of the Earth causing harmful radiation to emanate from earth surface. The source of the causes for Geopathic stress are the underground streams of water, faulty magnetic grid lines, concentration of mineral deposits and underground fissures. In olden days, most of our civilisations had knowledge about the Geopathic stress as Earth’s radiation energy and their impact on Human beings. However, our research findings by scientists lead to numerous investigations about effect of Geopathic Stress on human system.

The purpose of this work is to study the potential impact of geopathic stress on human system by measuring Heart Rate which is an indicator of stress level of human body and the impact on plant machineries by recording breakdown hours. This has been observed during our study that the Heart Rate in geopathic stress zones are higher as compared to nonstress zones which leads to higher stress level of human being. During our course of work, we have found that Geopathic Stress zones not only affect health of people but also affect breakdown rate of machinery and equipment’s kept in Geopathic stress zones. Machines kept in geopathic stress zones tend to have more breakdowns when compared with machines kept in normal zones.


Energy; Environment; Geopathic Stress; Machinery Breakdown; Pulse Rate
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The Biofield Life as a Hyper-Dimensional Quantity

Reality is Hyper-Dimensional

• Many different research efforts are progressing or evolving toward a single 5- D model of physical reality

• Superstrings evolving to branes

• Pure 5-Ds - ‘sheets’ & induced matter

• 8-D models - double 4-Ds embedded in 5- D

• 10-D models are double 5-Ds

Depending on different points-of-view from within a 5-D physical reality …

• The ‘Biofield’ is a product of, an extension of, or a specific structural configuration within the 5-D single field

• As such, the Biofield can be easily described by an Einstein-Kaluza 5-D model of the space-time continuum

• We start from the simple hypothesis of a real physical fifth dimension

• Then we ask - what physical form or structure does this fifth dimension take?
Geopathic Stress – The Ultimate Guide

There are four main types of physical and energetic influence in a home which can work for or against health and wellbeing:

1. Inherent energy of the land - geo-pathic zones of stress and geo-positive areas of beneficial energy

2. Classical Feng Shui - subtle energies within a building affecting health, finances, relationships, etc., determined by how, when, and where the structure is built

3. EMF / Electromagnetic & Radio Frequency Fields - electrical, magnetic, dirty electricity, or radio frequencies produced by technology

4. Air and Water quality -air and water have both physical and energetic effects - the presence of healthy air with good flow and negative ion content, or unhealthy with high positive ion count, and pollutants such as mold or chemicals; the presence of healthy water with nature’s structure, and harmful toxins removed, or of processed water, altered by flowing through straight pipes, or harmful EMF or containing toxins (water’s structure holds resonance, and resonance affects chi/energy quality for better or worse, processing or EMF exposure alters natural resonance, toxins add energy signatures which are also detrimental)

All traditional cultures have some way of detecting positive and negative locations to use them to a good advantage. Geopathic stress has historically been considered so crucial, that the highest energy spots would be used for the centers of power, and troubled areas were never built on for day-to-day life. Ignorance has increased in modern life as old ways fall by the wayside – to our detriment!

Every location has some degree of geopathic stress, but whether or not it is causing problems depends on where it is and how strong it is.

Every location has some degree of geopathic stress – whether or not it’s a problem depends on where it is and how strong it is. Geopathic stress has historically been considered so crucial, that troubled areas were never built on.

All traditional cultures have some way of detecting positive and negative sites and working with them to our advantage.

In modern Western and even Eastern culture we behave as though we can transcend everything through mental power and interior design – but, the ancients got it right because they understood the laws of creation.

Basic knowledge about geopathic stress is something I believe everyone should possess, especially now when the sanctuary of a healthy home is more important than ever.
Digital Nootropic

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• Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ): Supports healthy gut microbiome, immune system function, antioxidant defenses and cognitive function.

• Artichoke Stem and Leaf Extract: Supports memory and executive function.

• Bacopa monnieri Leaf Extract: Has neuroprotective, nootropic and adaptogenic effects. Supports formation and recall.

• Coleus forskohlii Root: Supports learning, memory and mental stamina.

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Orgone Energy | Wilhelm Reich

This powerful new documentary by filmmaker Kevin Hinchey, contains rare archival film and still photos never before seen. Made in collaboration with Mary Higgins, Director of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust and The Wilhelm Reich Museum, it is an excellent introduction to the life and work of a courageous physician-scientist. The film presents both a clear picture of Reich's science and a moving portrait of the man.

Noted physicist Fritjof Capra has described Reich as “a pioneer of the paradigm shift. He had brilliant ideas, a cosmic perspective, and a holistic and dynamic world view that far surpassed the science of his time and was not appreciated by his contemporaries.” Today, Reich remains unappreciated. In the words of his former student, the late Chester M. Raphael, MD, Reich is “misconstrued and misesteemed.” Man's Right to Know goes a long way in providing an accurate and authoritative account of a fascinating figure who has helped to shape our world.

The half-hour long documentary will be followed by a talk by Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion on Reich's valuable insights into Truth and Countertruth. These two concepts help us understand why it is so difficult for important ideas to be accepted, as was demonstrated in

Reich wrote, “In order to use the tool of truth efficiently, one must know the COUNTERTRUTH proficiently.” But what is truth? And what is Countertruth? How can they be used effectively at home, at work, in personal relationships and in society at large?
Effects of Geomagnetic, Solar and Other Factors on Humans

"All biological systems on Earth are exposed to an external and internal environment of fluctuating invisible magnetic fields of a wide range of frequencies. These fields can affect virtually every cell and circuit to a greater or lesser degree."

– Synchronization of Human Autonomic Nervous System Rhythms with Geomagnetic Activity in Human Subjects, a newly published study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

A research team that conducted the study cited above and published this month added further evidence to the scientific community’s understanding of how human autonomic nervous systems respond to environment influences. In this study, those influences resulted from, among other factors, changes in solar and geomagnetic activity, cosmic rays and the frequencies known as the Schumann resonances.

Led by HeartMath Institute Director of Research Dr. Rollin McCraty, the research team also found that the study participants’ heart rate variability rhythms synchronized remarkably, with one another over the more-than-four-week study period. That was despite the participants all being in separate locations.

"This study was unique," the authors write, "for several reasons: first, it utilized continuous monitoring of HRV (heart rate variability) over a 31-day period in a group of individuals that went about their normal day-to-day lives. Then, by chance, a number of dynamic changes in the solar, cosmic ray, and magnetic environment occurred that allowed the opportunity to examine how the group’s ANS responded to these various changes."

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