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1. Official group and channel: @StuliveHub , @stulivechannel
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Don't worry, brothers
We know that some bro still have the demands of the free-giving website. We will fight again these stupid guys who did the report. we will recover the service soon.
Remember our true site domain no matter what it's jump:
1. Official group and channel: @StuliveHub , @stulivechannel
2. Free onedrive 5TB:
3. Our Store:
4. Office365 Desktop:
5. Office365 Desktop and Onedrive 5TB:
6. Office365 Desktop and Onedrive 5TB and win10 enterprise:
7. Unlimited Google Drive/ Team Drive:
All sites are recovered, go to the site by the link of the former msg.
Who owned ?
A large number of infringing files violated the US DMCA terms. We received a security reminder from Google. So we must take action to delete the account
Discount Information
There will be 50% off discount coupon on Oct 1st. And it will last 3 days, from Oct 1st to Oct 3th. Hope brothers know the news.
To celebrate world love and peace.
Some users uploaded illegal files in the team drive we provide, Google disabled our team drive global administrator account, this action affects all team drive users, but no impact on gsuite users. So gsuite users don't worry. We will communicate with Google as much as possible and colleagues proceed to enable the new Team Disk global administrator account.
brothers, we have contacted Google about the teamdrive issues, they are working on it, but we can't sure that we can get it back, so be prepared for the worst situation.

Based on the problem we face, we change the

account example:

From now on, the new users or buyers will get a NPO account, each normally have 30GB storage, and you can create shared folder which have unlimited storage. But one thing have to be clear, we are not allowed users to add other gmail into the shared drive, only users under our domain can join the shared folder.

For example, u and your friend all have our account on the domain, so you can invite him join.
The coupon is OCT2021

All products except admin products all have 50% off, admin product may have smaller discount if someone interested and contact us.

From Oct 1st to Oct 3th.

Our Store:
The coupon will close in 2 hours, if anyone still want get the discount, pls be quickly, Thanks for everyone's support.
This user violates the term, we have to deal with the issue. we have banned him.
The free onedrive 5TB admin is killed by MS finally, free users also gone. It teaches us that free sharing does not end up well, there are always people who abuse.

account from is killed by MS, hope guys know it. Bad news for the former free user.
although we can use a new admin for new free onedrive sharing, but we won;t do it for now, because that situation we can't control.

To be clear, we said before, free account no support, just for sharing.
About the free sharing, we said it very clear before, no support. We do it just for the COVID-19 influence, not for the business.
Sharing a kms server for all type of activation.
Paypal payment shut down for now.
PayPal payment is opened.
There will be 50% off coupon on black Friday, for all the goods except admin product. On this black Friday, the admin product have $100 discount.

The coupon and discount will start on 22 Nov. Beijing time zone. It will last 2 days, end on 23 Nov.
Our BlackFriday celebration start now.
50%off coupon: BF2021-stulive
Admin products have $100 discount.
It last 2 days, from 22 Nov. to 23 Nov. (Beijing Time Zone)
The coupon will close in an hour, last one hour. Thanks all brothers' support, have a nice day.
The coupon is closed.
Happy black Friday all brothers.
Hope guys use it reasonably.
That account we will deal with it.