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📝 **Ways to Insert CSS**

📝 There are three ways to insert CSS: Inline style Internal style sheet External style sheet   Inline styles: It is used to apply a unique style to a single HTML element. To use it, we should add the style attribute to the desired element and this style attribute can have any number of property-value pairs.…

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📝 **CSS Color**

📝 Colors add life to an HTML page. Background Color: The CSS treats each HTML element as if it appears in a box, and the background-color property sets the color of the background for that box. The background colors can be specified using predefined color names or by using REB values, HEX codes etc. Example, body…

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📝 **CSS Fonts**

📝 In this chapter we will study the properties of fonts such as font-family, font- size, font style etc. Font family: We can specify many fonts separated by commas so that if one font is not supported in any browser, it can try to use alternative font. So we can start with the font that we…

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📝 **CSS Text Formatting**

📝 In this chapter we will learn about the properties of text such as text-color, it’s transformations, alignment also with line-height, word spacing, etc.   Text-transform: This property is used to change the case of text such as uppercase, lowercase, capitalize, etc.  For example, h1{ text-transform: uppercase;}   Text color: This property is used to set…

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📝 **CSS Box Model**

📝 As we all know that all HTML elements can be grouped into boxes each having margin, border, padding, and content. Margin is the area outside the border whereas padding is the area around the content both being transparent in nature. Border goes around padding and content. Example, div{ width: 100px; border: 10px solid black; padding:…

🔗 Read full article: https://www.studymite.com/css/css-box-model/

📝 The links that we use in HTML can be styled and effects can be added on these links using CSS. We can add many properties to links such as color, background, text-decoration, etc. For example, a{ color: blue;} Normally a link can exist in four states and these states are: – a:hover – it means…

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📝 The lists in HTML are of two types: Ordered list – It is the type of list where items are marked with numbers. Unordered list – It is the type of list where items are marked with bullets.   But using CSS we can change the marking of these lists both ordered and unordered. This…

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📝 **CSS tables**

📝 The tables are written in HTML but the effects on those tables are added using CSS properties. Some of the properties used for tables are table-border, background color, padding, letter-spacing, etc.   Table border: Every table in HTML is made up of rows and columns and these are separated by using borders for each cell…

🔗 Read full article: https://www.studymite.com/css/css-tables/
📝 **CSS forms**

📝 Similar to tables, forms can also be added effects by using CSS properties. Some of the properties are background color, border, width, hover effect, etc. Width and Padding property: This property adds spacing inside the text field i.e. it creates the space between the border and the text. For example, input[type=text] { width= 100%; padding:…

🔗 Read full article: https://www.studymite.com/css/css-forms/
📝 **CSS extra markup**

📝 We have covered almost all the important topics in the previous chapters. In this chapter, we will cover some remaining topics of CSS.  Min-width and max-width: Max-width property is used to set the maximum width of an element and min-width property is used to set the min-width of an element. These properties are used when…

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📝 **Basic Input/Output in C++**

📝 C++ is a programming language, using it we can create all sorts of programs, even the ones that require user interaction as well. Such piece of codes that provide user interaction requires some input from the user and in turn displays a proper output as well. In order to do so, the C++ programming languages…

🔗 Read full article: https://www.studymite.com/cpp/basic-input-output-in-cpp/
📝 **Standard Input/Output Stream in C++**

📝 So, far we have learned and used the cin and cout to take inputs from the user and to display a message on the output screen. But have you ever wondered that how they actually work? This is what we will be looking for in this chapter. The Standard Output Stream (cout): The predefined object…

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📝 **cerr and clog in C++**

📝 The Standard Error Stream (cerr): The Standard Error Stream or cerr is a predefined object of the ostream class. C++ programs are written by humans and the humans are prone to commit errors, so the standard error stream or cerr is attached to the standard error device, which is also a display screen, just like…

🔗 Read full article: https://www.studymite.com/cpp/cerr-and-clog-in-cpp/
📝 **Structures in C++**

📝 C++ provides us the facility to declare structures, to store data. As arrays helped us to store the homogeneous kinds of data the structures, on the other hand, helps to store different kinds of variables and thus store heterogeneous data. Example: Suppose you work in a bookstore and you want to automate the files containing…

🔗 Read full article: https://www.studymite.com/cpp/structures-in-cpp/
📝 **Structure Variables**

📝 In the previous chapter, we learned about structure variables, but in this chapter, we will dig deeper into the same and try to learn how to declare a structure variable, its purpose and how to use it in a C++ program. So, let us start where we left off, with our example in the previous…

🔗 Read full article: https://www.studymite.com/cpp/structure-variables-in-cpp/
📝 **Accessing Structure Members in C++**

📝 Now, we know a little bit about the structures in C++, so we are going to take a look that how can we actually access the individual members of a structure in C++. Let us continue with our previous example of books, the structure we created is: struct Books {    char  title[50];    int no_of_pages;   int…

🔗 Read full article: https://www.studymite.com/cpp/accessing-structure-members-in-cpp/
📝 **More on C++ Structures**

📝 So, far we have learned some basics that how can we access members of a structure, what is a structure, its use and how can we use a structure in C++. But, there are many more things about structures that we have still not covered. So, we will look into them in this chapter. Importance…

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📝 **C++ Classes**

📝 C++ is an object-oriented based programming language, the OOPs features are what distinguish the C++ programming language from C.  A class is used to specify the form of an object and it combines data representation and methods for manipulating that data into one neat package. The data and functions within a class are called members…

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📝 **Objects in C++**

📝 In the previous chapter, we read about the classes and their importance in C++. Now, in this chapter, we will learn more about the classes and objects in C++. From our previous chapters we know that a class is nothing but a blueprint that means that a class has no existence in the real world.…

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📝 **Access Specifiers in C++**

📝 We have seen about the access specifiers like private and public, but what are they and actually what is their significance? We will try and find answers to all these types of questions in this chapter. Data hiding as we all know, is an important concept of the Object-Oriented Programming. This concept is employed with…

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