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Welcome to we have amazing custom panel, easy to use and the most advanced bypass attack methods on the market so you can enjoy a really powerful and affordable stresser.
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Free mode is enable on For 3days.

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Kind regards,
stresslab team🚀
Dear Users,

Im happy to announce That we Curently Updating To New Network/servers
what this mean is ofcource More power also PPS Can Go up to 10M Instead of 1M,

Adding +10 attack spaces for Layer 4
More to come soon With In this week!

This Update Can take Up to 24 hours
2Dyas will be added to all users for the Down time!

Discount code: best10

Kind Regards.
Dear Users,
We are pleased to introduce a further step to become even better!

New servers been added whats means more power and allow You to go up to 10m packets per second,

After a high demand for tcp Games, we have added PVP,

We now allow our users to select up to 9 different countries For L4 when experiencing geo-blocking follow list are:
Brazil, Canada, China, Russian, Singapur, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Worldwide with 101 Countrys,

We now allow our users to select up to 8 Providers For L4 when experiencing blocking Trafic follow list is:
Akamai, Amazon, Cloudflare, Comcast, Google, apsula, OVH, Voxility,

More Updates with in the coming weeks Stay Updated

Kind Regards.
Dear user,
OVH done a update,I’m currently looking in to this right now,

King Regards.
Dear Users,

New L4 servers has been orde and will be available soon. No Days will be lost On Your acount
Free servers been ordered alswell 😊

Kind Regards.
Update 09/27/2021:

Dear Users,

L4 Maintenance is over!
Services has been restored thank you for waiting.
we expect more servers to be delivered this week
This means more slots/power💥

•NEW Attack Methods Added Layer4

The following methods been added
UDP: STEAM (Valve Steam Games)
TCP: OVH-TCP (Able to bypass OVH game server and hosting.)

•Attack Methods improvements
-OVH-UDP (Able to bypass OVH game server and hosting.)

•Website Updates
Black list panel been added
Addons Seconds
Addons Concurrents
Addons Thereads

We have also added 10 days of subscription to all active packages🎉
Thank you for staying with us!

If you Need any Help Pleas let me Know Contact Below!

Owner: @Jonna911

🎉10% Discount with promocode best10🎉

Kind Regards,
Update 09/25/2021:

Dear Users,

We Added a Few new method:
- TCP-KILLER: Works by making valid TCP connections with target, can bypass almost any protection including OVH.
- OVH-TRIP: TCP Bypass for OVH servers/games
- Fivem: Kiling allmost any Fivem server (Limit Slots)
- Please dont abuse.

We also Upgrade or Power/slots L4 +10

Always working to deliver the best results.
Many more updates to come...

Kind Regards,
Dear Users,

We Have a litle down time on our L4 This wonth take Long,
We compensate any downtime.

Kind Regards,
Dear Users,

L4 Down time is over !
We compensate The down time to all the users

Kind Regards,
Dear Users,

Overnight we hade some downtime on or L4 Network I’m trying my best to solve this problem wonth take long
We compensate any downtime.

Kind Regards,
Dear Users,

L4 Down time is over we're trying to make sure this doesn't happen again!
We compensate The down time to all the users 1Day added to all memberships

Kind Regards,
10TB atack.png
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Dear Users,

Updated Layer 4 attack power, its a lot stronger now.

We did update on all TCP&UDP AMP methods, power is now maximized.

Added 5 more attack capacity for Layer 4 network, more coming soon.

More updates coming soon! Stay tuned.

Best Regards,
Dear users,
I’m a where off the problem error no open slots this will be solved in a few hours if you get this message please reload the page for now.
Dear users,

Problem with no open slots is been solved,
We also added a New function in the hub L4 You can now also specifies random ports now
they are all random source ports selected,

Dear users,

we are working on maintenance On a few L4 servers,
This could cause some power issues This wonth take long!

Dear users,

The maintenance On L4 is over,
We also added Free L4 for the people to test before Buying Enjoy!

Try before Buy,

Hello everyone or free Mode is now Open Try before Buy,
Power is very Limited for Free users,
1-5G Free Power Gerentue..
Slots are Limited for Now!
This dont mean You can Spam atack You are still free user Enjoy!

Discount code: best10

Halloween Sale 2021

Save up to 15%
Discount code: HALLOWEEN15

Dear Users,

New L7 Method
Released HTTP-SPAMMER - Fully working and very powerful.
Work By Forcing tls connections

- More payment methods are added.
- The free layer4 hub will remain online has before.
- More updates coming soon!
- Everything is working very well! if any problems arise will be solved quickly.

Discount: best10

Dear Users,

We mange some problems with amp power right now this will be fix with in 24Hours

You can still use it but power is Limited for now until the problem is solved