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How To Check If Your License Is Suspended? | St. Paul DUI Attorney

You may be a careful driver and never imagine your driver’s license being suspended but It is important to know how to check if your license is suspended because even innocent, unrelated errors can get it suspended.

How utterly debilitating it can be to have your car license suspended. It means you are no longer…
Who Can Be In The Car With A Permit Driver – Know The Law | St. Paul DUI Attorney

Who can be in the car with a permit driver during a New York DMV Permit Test? Only a licensed driver (or at least the most qualified and skilled to handle the license) is allowed on the test stand during this test. No one else may attend. No exceptions. The permit holder may apply for…
Are Traffic Violations Crimes? | St. Paul DUI Attorney

Are traffic violations crimes? Yes, they are and include things such as speeding and drinking under the influence. However, minor traffic violations do not result in injury to people and you get a traffic ticket and a fine for a minor violation of traffic laws.

You might think that traffic violations are crimes, after all,…
Can You Get A DUI On A Bike- A Guide About DUI Laws | St. Paul DUI Attorney

Wondering can you get a DUI on a bike? The answer will get you a surprising answer. Yes, you can get pulled over when you a riding a bike under the influence of alcohol and you can actually be detained.

In recent years, we have seen a trend where more and more people are choosing…
Is There Any Difference Between DWI And DUI? | St. Paul DUI Attorney

The difference between DWI and DUI terminologies, limitations, and laws of DWI and DUI vary among different states. But the accusations of DUI and DWI are generally concerned with the subject of driving while you are drunk. Likewise, it also applies to people who are impaired by medicines or prescriptions. There is no way to…
Can You Get A Passport If You Have A Felony? | St. Paul DUI Attorney

Those wanting to travel will want to know can you get a passport if you have a felony. While having a felony may well have an impact on whether you can get a passport, a felony conviction does not necessarily rule out everyone from getting a passport.

If you want to be traveling abroad, you…
How Long Does A DUI Stay On Your Record | St. Paul DUI Attorney

If you just got a DUI, the first question that crosses your mind will be, “How long does a DUI stay on your record?” To be honest, answering this question is not as simple as it seems. Driving under the influence of drugs is illegal in any state—absolutely no doubt about that. What is different…
What Is A DUI Charge? | St. Paul DUI Attorney

One of the crucial questions that come along with drunk driving is “what is a DUI charge?”. A DUI or DWI may have identical consequences for a driving history, but their definitions aren’t always the same. In several circumstances, there is a distinction between DUI and DWI.

DUI stands for driving under the influence, and…
How Much Is A Dui Fine? | St. Paul DUI Attorney

Thousands of innocent people die each year, thanks to the selfishness of people drinking and driving and when you ask how much is a DUI fine, you want it to be super high to deter these drunk drivers. However, a DUI fine varies by state and also depends on the severity of the accident.

What Is A High BAC For A DUI? | St. Paul DUI Attorney

After having a single drink, you may be wondering “what is a high BAC for a DUI?” Although a BAC of over 0.08 would result in a DUI, that is not the only thing an officer may consider.

Driving is surely a critical measure. You should be mentally and physically active and present to drive…