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If you missed the STORM>STMX swap last year and meet the requirements below you can now register to be verified for the Token Swap 2.0!
• Your wallet currently holds STORM tokens
• The STORM tokens were in the wallet before the end of the last swap on Feb-05-2021 05:46:45 PM +UTC.

We’ll be verifying addresses then swapping tokens once a week so the sooner you get in line the quicker you’ll get your tokens!

Register here:
Have questions about StormX? Let us know during Chainlink Live's AMA with Simon Yu today at 1pm ET (in 40 minutes)!

Tune in live or watch the replay here 👉
Following a handful of messages from the community regarding connection issues of Trust Wallet with their StormX accounts, we have taken the decision to disable the ‘connect with Trust Wallet’ button until a solution can be found.

Find out more👇
The leaderboard winners of JULY!

2ND place: VERRON

Drop me a DM to claim your prize!
In case you haven't seen, we added some new shops today!⚡️

🇬🇧 Braun - up to 6%
🇬🇧 JD Sports - up to 6%
🌎 For all the book worms out there we have added AbeBooks with 5% cashback! (the store is also available in all regions)

Happy shopping! 😊
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After receiving multiple messages from users who have missed the promotion... We're giving you one more week to become a Rewards Member and receive up to $500*! 🎉
*For T&Cs head over here 👇
Hey Storm Chasers,

Here at StormX we all love using the app whenever we shop. But we're so familiar with the app, we can sometimes overlook some of the possible improvements.
That's why we need your amazing input!

By filling in this short survey, you'll be helping us make the StormX app the best app on your phones.
As some of you might know, Trust Wallet have depreciated some of the functionality needed to integrate with our app. Earlier this month we promised a here it is 😊 You can now connect your Coinbase Wallets to your StormX accounts!🎉
Calling all Crypto Cashback addicts! Starting today (at 00:00: UTC) share your #CashbackSupercharged on Twitter for a chance to win the entire collection of StormX merch!

For further details, and the T&Cs visit the link below👇
Hold onto your hats folks...🤠 we're proposing a vote to create a governance token to support further ownership and stronger ties to the core team, product decisions, and issues affecting the StormX ecosystem!

Read along 👉
We're sure you have many burning questions for our team🔥
As always, we will be selecting the best Qs out of our ama-questions channel on Discord. So if you want some answers, ask away here👇
If you’re a part of the crypto scene you probably already know there are a lot of scammers out there. To help make this space safer for the newcomers who aren't aware of these risks we’ve decided to put together an information blog explaining how to be cautious in our various social channels.

Please give it a read and pass it onto anyone new in the crypto scene, let’s help each other out!⚡️
We've been hard at work ever since the passed governance token proposal🏛

Here’s a quick update on what to expect and how to claim your own governance tokens!
Now, the partnership we’ve all been waiting for… 🚗

Book your next ride with Uber and earn up to $5 cash back on your first ride (new Uber users only) and $1 cashback on all other rides! 🥳

Offer available in the UK, US and DE
Being the proud jersey patch partner of the Portland Trail Blazers, we couldn't just leave it at that. Now, you can get all your NBA swag at the NBA Store right before the season kick-off next week, and earn 1% Crypto Cashback! 🏀

Shop now 👉
Save the date: Thursday 4th of November!🗓
It’s time for our StormX AMA!

We've already opened the ama-questions-november channel over on Discord (, be sure to drop your questions in there!

Ahead of the live stream, as usual, we will select 15-20 questions from our Discord community. The AMA will be going live on YouTube:

See you on the 4th!
Want to save and earn on this years holiday shopping? Don't forget to check out our Black Friday deals while they last and earn 2x the cashback at some of our top shops! 🛍🎁💰