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Crypto trading platform with a multiplier up to x150. More info here:
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Quarantine day number....😓
Share your personal record here :)
YEAH! and we have 7 winners! These guys have already got their lucky emails with such a "lottery ticket"

Our congratulations and thanks for participating 🥳

Stay tuned, we have something more for real ⚽️ fans
There is a bug on the platform. Please stop making orders. We will announce when this will be solved.
Sorry for inconvenience ❤️
Friends, trading is available again. We apologize for the inconvenience 🙏

We will try to eliminate the spikes consequences till the evening. Anyone who has been affected by this, please fill form with maximum details to👈
Some users may have problems accessing the account because we are solving the spike issue. Soon the access will be restored ❗️
Stormgain team has finally added the Liquidation price marker! May your profit be with you ;)
Dear members, we’ve proceeded 300+ delayed withdrawals from miner! Thank you for your patience! ❤️

Cryptominer works correctly now and next withdrawals will be proceeded in 72 hours as usual.
StormGain introduces multi-crypto #trading
Trade your BTC, LTC or other currency without exchanging to USDT
What was the most profitable trade for the last 30 days?

Check more info:
StormGain platform will be performing scheduled technical maintenance tomorrow:
-Maintenance Time Start:01.08.2020 09:00 gmt
-Maintenance Time End:01.08.2020 11:00 gmt
-Duration of unavailability: 2h

🔊Exchange and trades will be unavailable! 🔊
We will notify, you when everything is done. We apologize for any inconvenience beforehand.
The technical maintenance has been completed. Exchange and trade are available.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
StormGain concludes sponsorship with NUFC - “proud to have played with the stars 🌟

It’s been a pleasure to share with our clients the best of the Crypto trading and football fandom worlds through this partnership.
🥳We wish the whole team all the success in the world
Great news for StormGain customers! Safe your funds and data with the Google 2FA tool. Finally back :)
Friends, our programmers will be working on a technical update this weekend. The team will try to do everything quickly and unnoticed but there may be problems with the platform for 15 minutes. We can't give the exact time, as we aren't sure that the problems will appear 👈

If you have any technical difficulties at the weekend, please contact @stormgain_supportbot. You should sent your mail, ID and a description of the problem to the bot. Support will respond within 5 minutes
StormGain team is proud to announce our "Refer a Friend" programme is back!

Take part and earn 15% of all the trading commission the clients you refer generate
FPM.Global network and @StormGain_com offer the best affiliate conditions on the market!
Join the program and enjoy top-level services
Hey to all! 👋

We have great news for our users!

1. There will be a skilled analyst in our community soon. This analyst will help our users to be on the wave with the basic and helpful info about cryptocurrency and trading in general, give some advice, and so on!

2. You will learn the best clues that will help you with growing your crypto portfolio and risk management while trading on StormGain. Analyst will talk about these topics expecially:

-Useful trading ideas
-Effective risk management
-Efficient capital allocation
-What is trading psychology
-Cutting edge crypto knowledge
-Practical trading strategies

3. Official launch on Monday 14 September 2020

4. After this period, you will be a professional trader who can earn more by himself with minimal losses than others 💸

The first part is how to make your trading more profitable 💵💴💶💷

Are you ready for that?🔥🔥🔥
If you are in the game please check the Landing Page and sign up for the next series of videos via this link:
We replaced the Omni with ERC20 for USDT. New address can be found in Wallets - Tether - Deposit 👈

Old Omni addresses will work at least until the end of next month. We will warn you when they stop working 📢
Want to know if you trade effectively? 🤑

We have added a trading-tracker – this is a special indicator that measures the level and progress of your trading. You can use it to improve your skills as a trader by receiving hints about potential risks and possible errors.

You will find it in «More» – «Video education» – «Your Efficiency».

Share your results in a chat ☺️
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StormGain is the new "Official Crypto Trading Partner" of SSLazio!

Trade, exchange, mine, hodl, learn and earn on crypto while enjoying the S.S. Lazio matches with VIP tickets, trips with the team and branded merch 🎉

30 winning places and 15K USDT fund

The tournament will be held from 25.09 to 11.10, so you have only 7 days to jump in!

Join us and don't miss your reward -