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Forwarded from Praying Medic (Dave Hayes) via @like
Shelby Busch's bombing run in the Arizona Senate today blew up the lies told by Maricopa County in Kari Lake's election hearing.

The rigging was worse than we were told.
And Shelby brought the receipts.
Forwarded from Marco Polo
“‘Have what’s in storage sent to my parents guest house,’ Hunter Biden told his assistant Katie Dodge in a Dec. 10, 2018 text message, which was part of a trove leaked online last year and now hosted by nonprofit Marco Polo [].”
Forwarded from Donbass Devushka
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New US Ambassador Lynn Tracy arrived at the Russian Foreign Ministry for the first time, she was greeted with chants of "war is a US business" and "America is a terrorist country"
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Forwarded from Jack Posobiec
Forwarded from Jack Posobiec
We now know:

The Biden admin knew about the balloon all along but didn’t want to make China mad before Blinken’s audience with Xi this weekend

But a Montana newspaper got footage of it and they had to go public

Holy shlit
Forwarded from Praying Medic (Dave Hayes) via @like
What happens when the cabal runs out of money and tries to monetize us through a vaccine?

Deep thoughts from @RichardTheSaint
Forwarded from Praying Medic (Dave Hayes) via @like
COVID vaccines are designed to provide systemic rather than mucosal immunity, being administered in arms rather than noses. 

COVID "replicates in the human respiratory mucosa without infecting systemically" and has "not to date been effectively controlled by licensed or experimental vaccines."

A new paper published by Fauci admits that he knew vaccines had little chance of providing immunity or reduced transmission of COVID, but pushed them anyway.