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Looks like some people are copying and reselling stalk-board, so after 1 year and 1 month i am starting to market stalk-board publicly.
Stalk-board is a BTMM Dashboard, which helps BTMM traders to reduce there check down times of specefic BTMM signatures such as (Safety trade, ID50, 5050Bounce, etc) by displaying key important points on one screen.
As of today stalk-board looks like this:-
Stalk-Board - The BTMM Dashboard
from left to right:
The first three column covers range based tracking, where the Average Daily/Weekly/Monthly range is monitored. This information can be important to swing traders and NY reversal traders as well.

The next 2 columns concern moving averages and are named 5050 Bounce and ID50, tracking the crossovers and where it happened by displaying the type of crossover and the amount of bars between current candle and the crossover candle. You can easily see the very recent possible 5050 Bounce trade and ID50 possible trades by looking at this information

Next 2 columns are peak formation low and peak formation high, pretty straight forward and displaying the distance the price of the pair have travvaled in ADR's from the highest and lowest points. (Safety trade can be tracked via this)

Newly added in the February update is the news events column displaying news events from forexfactory.
To purchase stalk-board you can visit here and purchase it via paypal. You will recieve unlimited support should you request it. I will be posting any bugs/updates in this channel in the future. or any promotional events as well.
Common misconception: Thinking that stalk-board is going to tell you when to take a trade.

Ans: No it wont. It displays information about ADR, Crossovers, and peakformation distances. It is the enduser who have to make all decisions using these information.

For questions send a message to me @fauzaaaan
Another important thing to note:

This dashboard is not for users not fammiliar with BTMM!
You have to know the common signatures and you should already be trading these signatures.
The only thing the dashboard does is lower the amount of time it requires you to check down the pairs.

An example: Hunting down all possible safety trades
Main thing to look for : 1xADR the prev day against the trend

Manually without dashboard:
Open each pair, measure the distance of the last trend move, check the value of 1xADR and check back (Takes around 5 - 10 secs per pair, for 28 pairs thats 2 minutes)

With stalk-board:
Check the values on PFH and PFL, open the pairs that have 1xADR on oneside while 2xADR or more is on the other side. (Should take 28 secs max for 28 pairs)

This is just a very simple example to make you all understand that having the dashboard does not nessesarily give you an edge unless you know the method and is trading it at the moment in time.
There are people selling this dashboard for almost triple the price. Just understand that if you do not buy from the original source, i can anytime revoke the licensing of all copies out there and make each copy of stalk-board to be unique to an account number or a computer ID upon next update. (your sources have to update the dashboard frome me every 3 months)

So be careful while buying from resellers as they dont have any control over the licensing and if i make it dependent on account numbers they cant edit it to work in your accounts, even if they promised full support.


Contact: @fauzaaaan
Common support queries:

Error Message: "DLL imports not enabled"
Solution: Enable DLL imports from the indicators properties windows and also from Tools>options> Expert advisors>

Error Message: No data/Not enough D1 Bars in the columns of stalk-board
Solution: Check which pairs are having the issues, Load the daily and monthly charts of those pairs and then referesh stalk-board by reloading the indicator or refreshing it

Error Message: Invalid copy
Solution: Go here and login with your login, and redownload stalk-board from downloads tab. Replace the file and refresh/restart MT4. (Does not happen often, Next force update on September 1)
Q: How can i edit the pairs i want to display on stalk-board?
Ans: Stalk-board takes pairs from market watch window (Ctrl + M), so edit the market watch to edit stalk-board pairs

Q: What time is displayed in the news events tab?
Ans: Local time of the computer for ease (No GMT adjusting BS to deal with)
I've had a little change of heart about stalk-board. From now on everyone can use this tool for free and forever. Thank you so much for the 57 customers who helped me find motivation to keep updating the product and for it to come to this stage where it is now. and those people who purchased recently please dont feel bad, your support is much more appreciated and thank you even more.