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Beacon is on maintenance due stuck chain
BEACON (BECN) announced that their chain is currently stuck because not many users updated theirs wallets on time. We´re waiting for their solution and we´ll keep you updated.

LiveNodes updated and reconnected
LiveNodes (LNO) released the version 3.2 of their wallets and it´s mandatory. As usual we updated all our wallets and masternodes. All masternodes were restarted and should reward soon.

We don´t support the LPC and LGS swap
After trying to talk with the team and discuss the swap, we are forced to deny the swap as we usually do. No response were received untill the time of writing this post and the way they are doing it don´t give us the trust we need to perform the swap for our users. To be honest, we think that we didn´t even understand it right the way they wanna do it and that´s why we don´t want to take the responsability of the swap in case some coins could be lost. The deadline they stated to make the swap

BitGreen emergency update
BitGreen (BITG) released an emergency update due an exploit as you can read here. As usual, we updated all our wallets and masternodes, however the staking wallet and masternode wallet will remain disconnected until we are sure that the explorer is updated and on the correct chain to prevent pay out wrong rewards.

AltBet was updated to the latest available version
AltBet (ABET) release a new mandatory version and as usual we updated all our wallets and masternodes, The newest version is v1.0.1.2 and all masternodes were restarted. Please expect some delay in the next coming rewards.

Coins to be delisted on the 26th August 2019
We have several coins that will be delisted on the 26th August 2019. The main reasons that made us take this decision are: Abandoned coin by the team No market low profitability and the list is: CHANC – ChanceBet PBC – Profitbase CBET – Classic Bets VARIUS – Varius Please rememebr also to withdraw all your LogisCoin and LightPayCoin till the 14th August due their coming swap that we don´t support.

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How to create a masternode with simple masternode
Simple Masternode or SMN is our newest service that will allow you to create a masternode hosting without the need of technical knowledge. You can read more about it here

Make My Coin collateral update
MakeMyCoin (MMCO) had a collateral update at block 60K. As usual, we updated our masternodes and adjusted them to the new collateral. For all MMCO slot holders, please cancel your slots in the inactive masternodes and switch to the active one.

What is Simple Masternode
Simple Masternode is a feature that Simple Pos Pool created for all users that don´t have enough knowledge to create a VPS with a wallet of a certain coin in order to create a masternode. It´s not only about the knowledge itself, but all other issue associated with the wallet, like wrong blockchain, stucked blockchain, wallet updates and so on. Simple Masternode will take care of all known issues of the VPS, some that we know and some that are indicated by the users.

What fees do apply on Simple Masternode
We have only one fee applied right now, but can vary along the time. If any changes must be applied, all users will know about it with a certain timeframe before they take place. The fee is based on a one month usage for every ordered masternode and is 1.99$, but since we´re launching it right now (21-08-2019), we´ll offer some bonuses with fixed timeframe: Untill the end of August 2019 – free (0$) for all available coins 01-09-2019 > 30-09-2019 – 0.59$ 01-10-2019 > future – 1.99$ These fees applied on the period after the bonuses could be always

What coins do you offer?
We have a poll going on untill the end of August to list coins for free, please vote here: https://blog.simplepospool.com/we-need-your-vote-for-a-free-listing-on-simple-masternode We want to offer as many coins as possible, but the user tells us the demand. Only coins that are needed by the users or coin developers will be added, but we are always adding new coins. If you want to see a coin listed that isn´t available, please suggest it here: https://blog.simplepospool.com/suggest-a-coin-for-simple-masternode  

Do you have a referral system?
Yes, we do have a 4 tier referral system. Promote as much as you can and you´ll be able to earn BTC from your referrals and have your VPS for free. Many services are already offering it and we´re just another platform, but, last but not least, we introduced a really new feature. You can get you VPS for free and earn money on top of it. Like Simple Pos Pool with a referral system, Simple Masternode will have it too We have a 4 tier referral system: You refer Jack and you get 10% of what he pays us

Intermediate voting results of the simple masternode poll
We want to show you the intermediate results of the ongoin poll to list coins for free on Simple Masternode. It´s really amazing seeing such amount of votes in such a short period of time and all the excitement to see a certain coin listed for free on our newest feature.

Storel will be delisted
We have to delist Storel because there is no working explorer, developer team doesn´t answer and unfortunatly the coin is only PoW and masternode without any market to trade. Please withdraw all your coins untill 31st August 2019. All masternodes will be closed today.

LiveNodes compensation for your loss
LiveNodes (LNO) decided to compensate the loyal holder for beeing with them during all the time that the wallet had problems and the chain were stuck. The way they decided to say thank you, was giving the masternode holders some coins for one month loss. We received the coins and distributed it with the masternode holders. All dedicated masternodes and the first 5 shared masternodes from our active list received a compensation and you can find it as Loyalty Bonus inside your activity. 1500 were given for the shared masternodes and 600 for the dedicated masternodes. These differences are because

Beacon update VERY important
Beacon (BECN) released a mandatory update and we updated all our wallets and masternodes. Only a few were started because not every masternode was filled by the time we started them. VERY IMPORTANT Due the wallet update we needed to generate new addresses. Please be careful and triple check your deposit address the next time you need it.