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#AirdropAlert! We're just a day and a half away from our #airdrop on's GUARD token. Find out how to get your free SPOT, and join us in making digital currencies work for everyone.
We are so proud of the work we did assisting the NEO Black Sea Community. “Spotcoin is truly the only project combining the growth of a project while at the same time building a major Blockchain movement within their region. Very inspiring,” said our friend Chris at
We’ve done extraordinary things these past months and our ICO will not be an exception! We’ve worked closely with NEO, the Georgian government, and many NEO projects. Share the excitement, and join us as the adventure is really just beginning.
The Spotcoin #ICO is a success and it hasn’t even started. We’ve officially hit our Soft Cap! Get whitelisted and join the public sale on Monday before we sell out of tokens.
The Spotcoin ICO is live and underway! We’re already seeing some surging traffic to the site from people just like you who want to buy SPOT, and receive dividends from exchange fees and company profits.
Looking to buy? Check out our handy How To guide.
Spotcoin expects to launch the digital exchange within two months, which means dividends could arrive by Christmas! Find out more inside, and join our ICO now while you still have a chance.
Spotcoin is pleased to announce our SPOT #ICO is a success, with $14.5 Million raised (unaudited approximation in mixed currencies). An audit of the final amount raised is expected to be released within a month. We are now fully focused on launching the digital exchange as quickly as possible to continue our mission: making digital currencies work for everyone.