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Hey! I’m a furry artist from Scotland. This channel is to advertise commission openings, show WIPS, and display my art.

links, prices, queue & kofi \/
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pair of icons for @FrooValren!💕
cute lil mincinno boi for Aoi Vino🐁
plushyyy patreon reward for Kourii💜he looks soft!
hug a shark today!🦈 for sumap_!
coffee is good... patreon sketch for saint☕️
set of stickers for the yeen @heyimdry!💙
anubis masks r cool. for cupcake-nightmare on tumblr for her patreon reward
star wars themed valentines day commission for Floyd and Calico!💕🌠
another cute little vday commission for sno and her bf🌟💕
patreon reward for lexi! i miss digimon tbh👌
patreon sketch for wunder of his deer boy petting a marten!
selfie time! group photo for friendlyshapeshifter
big sticker pack for kaylex deer~
patreon sketch for mooshie! noodle 🍜
calling with your deer boye 🦌 for @dearhalo_lover as his patreon reward! <3
bright husky! sticker pack for @huskotheeyesore <3
beans n hugs! set of stickers for @airborne_cheetah <3