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The dominos are truly about to start falling. Quick. So many different communities involved with spiritual healing and wellness are filthy with the abuse of women and children.

Ayahuasca communities, yoga communities, Kundalini Yoga and many others. We’re starting to see empowered goddesses rising up and speaking about their experiences of abuse.

While at the same time we’re seeing many members of these cults, because that’s what many are, stand by their predator leaders and friends. Just because they share the same practice. It’s victim shaming and it’s unfathomable.

And I’m in no way knocking any of the practices or medicines…just the heinous individuals using them to perpetrate straight up evil.

Not on our watch. We’re starting to come together to expose all of it. Every single one. You don’t get to abuse our sisters, mothers, daughters and goddesses of all kind and think you can get away with it for much longer. We see you. And if you’re complicit with these scumbags, you eventually have to deal with your karma.

So if you’re “standing by your man,” your complicit with the abuse of women and children. Idgaf how much good you think you do in this world. It doesn’t erase jack sh’t.

See you soon. ✊🏻🔥
Izamal is definitely the town of Yellow. Really digging it here. This convent is tremendous btw.
New Fruit…Who Dis? Omg. Caimito which is a star apple.
Goddamn the truth hurts. It’s ridiculous how ridiculous we are.
My day was spent at temples and deep into the Mayan Underworld. Literally climbed into holes in the ground way out of my comfort zone. Unexcavated caves. Can’t wait to take so many of you on these adventures with me.
With these powerful energetic shifts, we are all forced to face our deepest and darkest internal struggles.

Being that this is very hard to handle for many, they lose their 💩 and become abusive.

In no way is this okay.

We can and have to compassionately cut people off.

And I’m perfectly okay with it.

I’m on a mission here and when someone goes out of their way to be hurtful and try to pull me fr that mission…Adios.

With Love. ✌🏻
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Peep the interesting light patterns from the light hitting the drops of water on the GoPro case. Looks angelic.
I am vibrating higher and my constant use is lowering my vibe and opening me up to more negative energies. But you do you.