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*Bark Bark!* Mail call! Looks important! OwO; , ✉️ *Looks at* It says ... The big SCG update is just around the corner, but read this first! ,
*Bark Bark!* Mail call! Looks important! OwO; , ✉️ *Looks at* It says ... By Stars Above - An SCG Update ,
Hello! I have provided a small yet handy update to the SCG Service Telegram Channel!

When an active game has a message posted to the channel, it will work as it did before. But when the game is no longer active, it will delete the original message. Meaning the channel will stay clean when nothing is active. This is meant to cut down on spam from the redundant game is still going messages that have been popping up.

In addition, I also properly gave it multi-game support, each post now mentions what game it is, not just TF2.

The service telegram room can be found at and for more information on our telegram rooms, please check out :