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Dan brings pretty interesting point regarding copyrights in sound production. I've never dug so deep in my thoughts but i must admit - he's absolutely right here.

If everyone will have enough money to cover basic needs, we won't have to steal (anything) anymore...

So what do you think, folks?
Sound Recording n' Design
Field recording posts (tips, places, selling)?
#guides #fieldrecording
Poll finished! Thanks for votes people. At least now i know that my writings could be helpful to someone! Alredy made first note so check it out and tell me your opinion... 🙃
Hey people! I've made something cool and want to share with you. My big and loooong project almost reached it's end and i glad, really glad! (idk why i thought it would be nice idea but i was so excited by Free To Use Sounds so...)

All the fuss about "KoFi Project" and... yeah. Things about it was blurry and uncertain when i created folder last summer. "Good idea to share my recordings with all that nice people huh... but i have to pay my bills as well." That's how it started i guess.

There's post i wrote hour ago if you still iterested :

P.S. added another discount code for gumroad relese right now = nimtelegram2021 (for 400 uses and with $8 value because i think you're breathtaking)
Good evening (morning?)! I finally finished Part 2 of my guides dedicated to field recording practices. Took longer then expected but i hope you will like it. This time i talk about "Experimental" approach. #guides #fieldrecording
Hey sound folk! Hope you doing great. Planning new post in "field recording" series now and as i have some experience in constructing own acoustic 'gobo' (i have article in channel by other guy constructing this type of acoustic treatment) and think about adding my own thoughts on the topic... but i can't say it somehow related to "field" recording.

So i want to ask what you'd like to read about next? I have good information about selling recordings on internet so it could be next one too.

Starting poll next to this post! Feel free to write suggestions in comments!
hey people! it's me (again). hope your Spooktober bring plenty of sound ideas and projects! it's quick update, just wanna share with you great news about my very first Unity game i finished and pretty serious sound implementation made with FMOD! i'd really like you to play it in nearest future and give me feedback on gameplay features and sounds i designed for it. Did i mention it really spooky and rather hardcore? 🕹📺🕸☠️🎃

Feel free to ask questions in comments about development, i'd try to describe process in details.
Hey sound folks! I know i owe you field recording guides about selling sound (and maybe about post-editing workfow?), but now busy with personal project and important commissions. I totally remember about you and glad they're so much people i could share my knowledge with! Marry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and awesome new 2022 year to everyone! Cheers! 🎄

- Regards, Nicolas 🎤☺️
Maybe not everyone knows that my ko-fi page has "Tiers" like every patreon page... so here's close-up look. I made T1 for people who just feel grateful. You still can ask me for 100% discount code for any Gumroad item i have for the moment! Except Cloud Project because that's same as T2 =) I had many thoughts about T3 and end up with this concept. Also i like "Comrade-in-Field" title =))
I don't like to be selfish but I'm so glad to be noticed by someone i respect so much. First time i read her article about reaper + rx workflow for field recording editing and fell in love with this technique! And now this person staying kind words about my own recordings. Delightful!
I think i must say it there - I TOTALLY AGAINST ANY WAR OR ANY MILITARY SH*T - and i have friends all around the world and what happening right there near my home - NOT OK! i feel scared and depressed but i'm not losing my sanity and wish all the best to my friends creative people all around the globe and all the worst to those morons who try to suppress and demoralize us.
- sincerely, Nicolas.
I begging you about support for our Ukrainian friends with words and material goods anywhere you could! Say it loud and show your support! Also please add your entry to this petition - it's not for killers who trrorize peaceful citizens but for us - people who cares.

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Found very nice "career maps" for game, film and media production industries.
if only i knew that was historical moment when Paul visited Rostov for the last time in 2019 i'd prepare better to record him without noises of audience. but all we have for the moment is this recording with all imperfections... But actually i love to re-visit this recordig, so lively and cozy. huh... hope i could visit his concert one more time some day.