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Here's neat collection of guides for Cubase 10 users from AskVideo and Groove3. Some courses describe very basic features and will be nice support for newcomers #guides #daw
Sound Recording n' Design pinned «Tutorials Collection 2020 (Audio Basics, Sound Recording, Sound Design, DAW Mixing Template, Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Music Composition, EDM Production, Arturia Synths, U-he Synths, iZotope Plugins, FabFilter Plugins, Soundtoys Plugins…»
Top 3 useful websites for field recordist! #ideas
1. - wind map
2. - thunderstorm map
3. - aircraft traffic
Important thoughts! #guides #ideas
This is crucial to keep in mind, because UI can affect creativity, which is extremely important to music (and sound) production. This is because creativity is influenced by everything you hear, feel, do or see (UI). So, if you don’t like how your VST looks, it could slow down your efficiency when producing music or designing sounds.
Hey folks! Hope you doing well. It's lot happening nowdays, huh? But what I'm about... Interesting to hear from you, how to fill this long gap of silence in the channel. I suggest a poll, have ideas, but wanna ask you at first...
Thanks all for participation in poll! It finished now and I really appreciate you interested in channel activity 😉

‼️50% of people wanna more video guides and... I did it! lot of tutorials now in folder! You could check all information about content organization and new stuff been uploaded in neat post i wrote for you.

Other cool stuff is coming! We could discuss things in comments. Yay! I hope not to bother those 3 guys that prefer silence in channel... 🥺

Post tags: #guides #DAW #VST #game_sound #sound_design

P.S. sorry, attached wrong link to cloud!!! Here's working link:
Actually... i love this place "as is". After re-newing video guides there's nothing to add. Really a LOT info you could find just scrolling up. For those who looking for more posts about sound things i have less organized but more 'live' channel:
Hey, sound folks! Hope you enjoy recording time ^^ Decide to remind you about great opportunity to design something spoooky and ghastly... it's Halloween! 🕷🕸🪓🦇 If you need some inspiration i recomend you to check my last project i did for fun 🤡💀👻 Links are below. YouTube and Soundcloud (downloadable version). Happy [soon] hollyday!
Sup sound folks! Today i officially open group for comments and discussions. This is relatively new feature in telegram and i wanna give it a try (i mean comments for channels with discussion group). So... Welcome aboard!

Group link:
Hey, sound folks! It's me again. I hope you busy recording snow and fireworks ❄️💥🎉, because this is right time for such activity! I've prepared for you little holiday sound pack gift as well (especially for good guys and gals but naughty ones could use this also if they'll promise to behave well in 2021). Ho-ho-ho and happy holydays, people! 🎄⭐️☃️🎅
Hello friends! I hope weekends didn't screw-up your working mood very much (because mine - did, hehe). Anyway, wanna remind you about my BLOG with even more info about sound recording and editing for you. If you don't know russian (that language i write mostly, hm) - don't panic! I have neat feature for you implemented on the site GOOGLE TRANSLATE (located on the top banner of blog) ^_^ Be safe, stay productive. Your Nimlos.
Latest audio collab with good friend of mine. He makes cool things and stream games. Consider sub and like on YT, friends! It will help my pal a lot ❤️ U definitely could check other videos on channel if you've ever heard about Genshin Impact game. Thanks for you attention, until next time, folks! ^=^
Hey-hey, guys and gals! Glad to see you still with me and help by sharing nice staff in official channel's group (yeah, there's official group if u didn't know, link is somewhere in description).

Also would like to remind - there's nice place to support channel with small amount of $ (i use it to increase cloud space for my constantly growing tutorials collection of course)...
Hey! Hi! Hello! I hope haven't interrupt you from your super cool and awesome activities! Just had pop-up in my mind i have more usefulness for you, pals! If you ever had thought about using Cubase (no matter what version) there's very neatly organized quick tips about using this DAW! ^^

P.S. I try to keep this channel as clear and useful as possible. If you have any idea how i could make it better - you're very welcome to say!

Best wishes!
Sincerely, your Nimlos.
Hi! Wanna share with you another ko-fi project of mine - i try to share my recordings with people there.

Principals are very simple: more people will interest in project - more sounds will appear in Cloud Folder.
Hey! Just noticed we're reaching 400 subs very soon! It's so exciting for me to have so many people here. I created this channel almost 4 years ago wow... Never thought it could be useful for someone except of me (i just collected useful links and never promoted this place as learning resource). Thanks for your interest and subs! If you have suggestions or just wanna to chat - use our official group, don't be so shy!