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Hello, Soniq community! We know that y'all are excited about the approaching end of the swap process, but you're going to have to be a bit more patient. We moved the swap end date a week forward with the benefit of the future holders in mind. We will provide more details in a couple of days. Thanks for all your support and patience!
It's official, guys! The swap has ended. The total amount swapped is 37,842,016,434.3118! There was a bit of confusion since the amount has been slightly increased and we are sorry about this, but we needed to wait for the swap to end in all time zones, and for all transactions to have more than 24 confirmations. Also, a kind reminder to check your eth addresses. Expect your SONIQ very soon!
Oh, and please do not try to swap anymore since you funds will be wasted.
So, our dearly beloved Soniq community, as you may or may not know, we made a pivot regarding our first release. Don't worry, the Skills Exchange Platform hasn't been cancelled, it's just been postponed, but I've got a feeling you're gonna love the new idea! Read more about it here:
We've done some website refurbishing. Our whitepaper and FAQ sections have undergone some cool changes, so be sure to check that out. We've also added an "Exchanges" section to our website, which will be continuously updated as SONIQ gets listed on more exchanges.

Oh yeah, and make sure that you check out the article regarding our recent "pivot"!
Hey, Soniq community! SONIQ is now officially due to be listed on Cryptopia on September 13, 3pm NZST, when the deposits and withdrawals are set to be open. 24 hours after this, you can trade!
Trading SONIQ is now officially live on Cryptopia! Absolutely insane!
Here's something very, very refreshing! We've been doing some rebranding, and our brand spanking new looks look as sleek as Ryan Gosling with a pair of Rey-Bans and a ciggy in mouth. Welcome to the new colors of Soniq!
Do you want to start earning some SONIQ without joining our contest? Check out our new #referrals channel and read this article!
Check out our latest website release! Pretty awesome, right?