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Building software for world changers. Web and native apps that make life meaningful.
UI/UX design, Web, iOS, Android development for startups and businesses, people around the Globe. High-load projects. DevOps and Support🌎🌍🌏
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Continuing to make the world a better place by creating useful products with a great team)

Recently we made the Dastocks -

New information product in the field of investment and analytics that will help both beginners and professional investors quickly and conveniently get data about companies on the American exchange, and help people who blog about the topic use informative graphs to create competent visual and analytical content.

Platform helps you:

πŸ™ŒπŸ» Quickly find the most important metrics for investors, which usually take a lot of time to find.

πŸ“Š Promptly analyze metrics without the help of various third-party resources: all data on Dastocks are collected from official sources and are thoroughly checked before publication.

πŸ“± Easy and comfortable to work with information from a smartphone screen.

πŸ“ˆ Dive into the numbers with accurate, visually convenient, and understandable graphs that you can download and use in your materials.

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As the main approach to build an API in our company we use GraphQL.

To make it more comfortable for developing such backends we decided to use code-first approach.
Firstly, it helps us with type declarations. This is a major benefit in building typescript apps.
Secondly, it automaticly generates the schema and there is no need to synchronize it with DTOs every time we update our code base.
We use typeorm, and it fits great together with it.
We use @nestjs/graphql package and it was released because some people used to integrate type-graphql lib with nest apps.
Combining it with internal types, we write less extra code and even typeorm entities are decorated with stuff that graphql lib provides us.

We also face some common problems like N + 1 that is usually solved with dataloaders.
With these like "common" problems we managed to build a microservice template with GraphQL setup. So we can share some musts with you.

To make supporting the code base better, you should use abstractions. Get rid of the code that looks to occur many times.
For example, to make paginated responses, use generics and abstract classes that are returned dynamicly, based on function input that configures it.
Front end also comes with Apollo client and its features. Our front end is strictly typed that’s why we use GraphQL libraries that generate type declarations from the remote schema. With GraphQL it’s easy to specify api standards and to use contract with it. The client has many special things that will be described in the next post.

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Hi, Everyone!
Today’s technical post about Nuxt, GraphQL, TypeScript bundle
In the next post we'll tell you why it's cool for the product and the customers. Enjoy reading)

In English

In Russian

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Hi, Everyone πŸ‘‹

We’ll tell you, how we saved a client over $15,000 on iOS app development.

There will be no longreads. It's simple:
We made a web app and then wrapped it in native iOS, successfully reviewed it and uploaded it to the AppStore.
In this case, we didn't even need an iOS developer

An app below the link

#ios #webapp #AppStore

Our own Experience with AppStore Reviews

One reviewer finds a bug, you fix it, then 2 other reviewers find other "bugs" that the previous ones didn't find.

What is important during the review:
- List in the comments in your personal Appstoreconnect account all of the bug fixes that the reviewers found. This will give an understanding not to check certain parts of the app and spend time on it.
- be sure to attach a video instruction with the demo - we at Amplitude (don't forget the data driven approach) saw reviewers use the instruction to check the app 90% of the time. By the way, thanks to Amplitude we found some unpleasant bugs.
- If you have an urgent need, ask for expedited testing - we did that and had the app tested in 1 day. I recommend not to indulge in a quick check.
- If you do not agree with the reviewer's opinion, file an appeal (ours took half a day to review and got a quick response).
- make no silly mistakes: put references to Terms & Privacy on the login screen.)
- And of course, be sure to test the application for different cases before submitting it for review.

Our slogan: building software for world changers
That's why we like to work with founders and teams who create meaningful and world-changing products).

I mean we updated our visuals to reflect what we do and the spirit of our team.
✌️Hello everyone!

In 2 incomplete years, we've evolved from a team that made simple landing pages and simple websites to a strong development team that uses the latest technology to create valuable and in-demand products for users. 

- Our engineers have worked and continue to work on the investment-analytics app Dastocks. We managed to save more than $15000 on native development and successfully uploaded it to appstore.
- mobile website builder, an analogue of linktree. (We were even copied for our user-friendly interface and we successfully repelled ddos attacks.). NDA. Now it is used by thousands of users around the world. 
- We have mastered native iOS development and created the free voice dating app (VoiceMatch) and are continuing to develop it.
- We have several other projects underway and plan to grow even more this year

We've become a very mobile team and are quickly learning/implementing new technologies and using lean startup methodologies and something close to scrums in our work.
We always build honest, transparent and straightforward relationships with clients because this is one of the factors of success and win-win interactions.
We build a product from scratch or we can strengthen your inhouse team.

I'll leave some useful links below:
- Core Team

- Products (publish)

- Our Technologies

- How it Works

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Recommendations work because we do the service well.
But it's time to make money together.
We want our referrers to earn with us πŸ™‚

We give 10% of the concluded contract if you refer a client for software development: creation of services, applications, support and product development (backend, frontend, design, devops, ios, android, computer vision)
In about a few weeks we will have a couple of ThreeJS specialists available.
If you need help with product development, let us know and we'll talk about it.
ThreeJS is needed, for example, to create different metaworlds, work with 3D graphics, etc.

16 MB
Our new project designed to change the approach to creating and using 3D scenes in the browser.

We got the best confirmation of the high quality of our development from a client from USA, Texas

We have added a 3rd review on Clutch.

You can see other reviews below the link

Let's move onπŸ’ͺπŸš€

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Magic Nocode without registration (oh my gosh).

We decided not to collect any user data at all.
We made a primitive mobile website builder with no registration:

- there is only a public link
- and a link for editing (which !mustn't forget to save).
- There are 8 categories of blocks with several variations in each.

Take advantage) (short for Magic)

#nocode #magic #websitebuilder