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🎖Layoffs and Marriage

Sociological dimensions of layoffs in the USA

A development (layoffs) in the USA will have Societal ramifications in India. That is why current affairs is important for UPSC Sociology.

We are compiling and analysing all such Sociology current affairs in STEP-UP SERIES!

🎖STEP-UP SERIES is a dedicated current affairs course for Sociology, GS Society and Ethics

🎖For Mains 2023-24: click here

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Result & beyond - UPSC Mains 2022

▪️~72 days: Time taken to release the results

▪️2500-2600: Candidates called for interview

▪️8: Roll numbers beginning with the digit 8 has the lowest number of selections. No superstition intended. 8 is the last series in the list.

🌱 @sociologyAndSocialIssues

In Essay paper, the sudden transition to all PHILOSOPHICAL topics seems to have created a transitory turbulence. It is similar to the change in Mains pattern in the year 2011. Many candidates who were used to the old pattern had a difficult time re-orienting their strategies.

📍What does it mean?
The element of uncertainty in selection might be prominent for a few years till the new pattern settles down, and candidates get acclimatised to the new pattern. Hitherto, the dominant strategy was to skip philosophical essays. It is not the case now.

📍How to navigate this turbulence?
Treat your essay paper the way you treat your GS paper. The new myth in UPSC preparation - if you prepare well for GS, your Essay paper will be automatically taken care of. The Essay paper, in the new pattern, wants your attention.

📍To the candidates who could not clear Mains
We shall overcome!

🌱 @sociologyAndSocialIssues

You had set ambitious targets for the year 2022. Many of these targets could not achieved.

You are blaming yourself. However, there were factors beyond your control that were equally responsible - unexpected health issues, those family situations you had never imagined, heart-breaks etc.

Now, many precious days would be wasted regretting about those missed targets, those wasted days, those wasted efforts...

Trust me, it is still possible to bounce back. All you need is to discuss the strategy ahead.

Feel free to discuss the strategy ahead @rna1095

While the world parties to welcome 2023, we will try to be with those candidates who could not have a happening 2022.

Always remember, you are not alone in these times of struggle. We are there!

Feel free to discuss and develop a smart strategy @rna1095

Entered the new year while discussing 2023 strategy with aspirants!

Every candidate has a struggle of their own - family issues, no place to study, being used in relationship and what not!
Almost everyday candidate has access to standard sources, strategies, toppers' strategies etc.

So, every candidate should be clearing this exam?

That's unfortunately not the case. Because non-academic factors play a deciding role.

Address them before they cost you a precious attempt. Feel free to discuss @rna1095

These mass layoffs have repercussions for you aspirants.

More candidates will now jump into preparation. Also, those who are in final year of graduation would prefer jumping into preparation rather than trying for campus placements.

IITians are now preferring civil services!

The game begins!
In the name of watching 1-minute shorts, how many hours you waste everyday?

Why not utilise the same on a constructive work?

90 minutes a day!

Message us a brief introduction of yourself on Telegram @rna1095

Sociology 2023 | Starting 19th Jan

Sociology Smart Answer Writing
▪️235 days | 4 Phases | 3 Iterations
▪️Day wise schedule
▪️Model answers of all tests
▪️Video lectures (smart mix of static, current affairs and diagrams)
▪️Micro evaluation: Sample evaluated copy
▪️Flowchart of approach
▪️Video analysis and audio feedback at regular intervals: Sample video | Sample audio

🎖New Features
▪️1-1 calls every month to discuss the progress
▪️Hard copy of flashcards for Paper 1 and Paper 2 thinkers | Sample
▪️SARAL (Sociology Current Affairs magazine from Jan to Aug 2023)
▪️Evaluation of 20 GS answers (you can select the questions from any source)

📍For details: Click here

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📍In case of any query, feel free to contact @rna1095
Q. Critically analyse the impact politicization of caste and casteization of politics on Indian democracy? Give examples for your answer. (20 Marks, 250 Words)

These hand-drawn illustrations help align your thought process to meet the actual demand of UPSC Sociology questions.

Experienced candidates: yes, you need to unlearn a few things

Beginners: develop the right approach from now

These illustrations are a part of SMART SOCIOLOGY ANSWER WRITING PROGRAM

🎖Click here for more details


🌈CSAT paper is the new game changer in Prelims!

Many interview appeared candidates failed to clear the CSAT 2021 and 2022 papers.

The root cause:
In the pursuit of clearing GS paper, which is totally normal, Paper 2 preparation is put on the back burner.

The new approach:
Don't treat CSAT as a qualifying paper!

Keeping this in mind, we are launching an initiative CSATyagraha which will cater to the English Comprehension section of CSAT paper.

More details below 👇
🎖Start date: 23rd Jan, 2023 (~100-day program)

🎖 We will post 2️⃣ passage-based questions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The passages will be sourced from:

1. PYQs of UPSC CSAT Papers
2. New passages taken from Editorials of newspapers, journals like EPW and reports of International organisations. (UPSC passages are taken from the same sources)

▪️Questions will be posted at around 2 pm every alternate day (Why 2 PM? CSAT exam is scheduled in the afternoon from 2:30 to 4:30 P.M and regular practice during these hours will train the brain for the actual exam)
▪️Private telegram channel for questions, model explanations, hand drawn illustrations, video discussions

🎖 Fee and enrollment
▪️Free for candidates enrolled in all 4 phases of Sociology Program (click here for details of the program)

▪️Fee: Rs. 295/- (77 seats remaining for extra 20% discount for the first 100 candidates. Coupon code: CSAT2023)

🔹To register: Click here

🔹For any query, please message us @CSATyagraha

We have a live answer writing session for Sociology tomorrow (27th Jan).

Time & Date: 27th Jan (7 PM)

The session:
▪️will focus on introduction and conclusion parts of answers - the most ignored sections of answer writing
▪️includes good intro and conclusion written by toppers
▪️will be conducted on Telegram
▪️is useful for both 2023 and 2024 appearing candidates
▪️is free for all

To register: click here

To register: click here

In case of any query feel free to message @rna1095

Live session at 7 PM

Click here for details


Link to join the live Sociology Answer Writing session👇