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The Streams Flow for the Week

This week in Streams Auctions, your favourite tokens from Cropper Finance and Port Finance has been replenished with new auctions!

Watch out as the Jungle Finance auction creeps closer to a discounted rate in the coming week 👀

Play your part in effective capitalisation and better tokenomics in the Solana ecosystem! #streams
Join us for our first ever On the Road to Socean Citadel monthly community call in our discord at 2200 SGT // 1000 ET! 🌊

Come listen to the team chat about what we're working on, our struggles and our future plans; and ask any questions you have!
something’s brewing 🤖
scnSOL is now deprecated on Solend’s Main Pool. You must withdraw all your deposited scnSOL on the main pool by 28th September 2022, 0:00 UTC. If you do not, all your scnSOL will be forcibly sold.

If you would like to continue using scnSOL as collateral, we have opened a new Staked SOL Pool on Solend, where you may use scnSOL to borrow SOL and USDC. You can also use scnSOL on other lending protocols such as Apricot and Larix.

For more details, please check out our official Medium post:
[■■■■■□□□□□] 50%

Pssssst Soceaneers, we're about to launch something in the next day or two. 🤖

For more information and early access, you're cordially invited to join this exclusive chat: .

See you real soon.
Today, we’re launching SoceanBot.

SoceanBot (nicknamed “Meatball”) is a Telegram bot that gives Solana stakers critical information on their staked SOL:

- See how much SOL you earned from staking this epoch.
- See how much staked SOL you have and who it’s staked with.
- Check the current epoch’s progress.
(👷coming soon 👷) Get critical alerts when your validators go offline or raise their commission.
- (👷coming soon 👷) See how much scnSOL/stSOL/mSOL you earned from staking this epoch.

Check out the bot at only takes 5 seconds to get started!

For more information, check out our Medium announcement.

We really want to improve SoceanBot and make it the best it can be. Please leave suggestions for improvement here on Telegram or on our Hellonext
It’s been a long wait, but we’re finally supported by Pyth! Let us know what you’re looking to do with your $scnSOL next!
GM Soceaneers, the first in our Staking Insights blog series - "What is an epoch?”.

We appreciate any feedback (criticism or praise) and let us know if this is something you enjoy 🙂
While we weren’t the first stake pool on Solana, scnSOL is now the highest value stake pool token on Solana 📈

Thank you so much for your support, and we hope to continue bringing Soceaneers top-in-class APY!
Over the past year, Socean has delivered the best APR out of the stake pools on Solana!

Thank you Soceaneers for your support over the past year.

We’ll keep working hard to bring you the best possible APR!
Socean Bot now supports scnSOL & mSOL!

At the end of each epoch, you’ll get an update. This update will let you know you how much SOL (and USD) you made by staking with Socean, as well as your ending scnSOL balance.

You can also track your balance at any time with the command /mystake!

Subscribe to Meatball now!
We’re happy to announce that we now support xNFT Backpack and Glow wallets!

Add two more to a growing list of wallets....
scnSOL has been listed as collateral on Jet Protocol!

You’ll now be able to deposit your scnSOL and use it to borrow assets such as USDC and SOL.

Apart from Jet, you can also use the Staked Sol Pool on Solend!
20% of stake on Solana went delinquent yesterday.

But our APY went up to the highest it's ever been: 8.02% 🔥🔥🔥

How did we secure the highest APY for our stakers despite the Hetzner shutdown? 🧵 Check out this thread below!
Dear Soceaneers, it's been an absolutely nightmare of a week.

In light of the situation that's going on, transparency is key, so here's an tweet thread update.

no unpleasant surprises, tldr: our funds are safu, the solana community inspires us, we'll be ready to build in a bit ☀️