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​​📋 Smarty CRM As a Personal Organizer

Smarty CRM is primarily a system for doing business. At the same time, in addition to work, any human has personal affairs. They are also important to be remembered and ordered. That is why you get a separate workspace when registering in Smarty CRM. You can fill it with personal projects, tasks and keep your day planner.

All your affairs and tasks will be visually presented in the appropriate section of personal workspace. However, this info will not be available to employees of any corporate workspace. And work reminders will appear as indicators regardless of the workspace you are in at the moment.

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​​💰 Promo codes in Smarty CRM

There are business coaches and managers of various conferences among our partners and clients. Especially for them, we have launched a system of promo codes. When using them, you will receive from $1 to $100 to your Smarty CRM account. Register now in Smarty CRM, enter promo code 💫TG2018SCRM💫and get $1 to your account. This is enough to fully try teamwork in Smarty CRM!

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​​🚩 Geography of your clients and projects

The "Show on map" button is now available in the "Contacts" and "Projects" sections.

It can help you to see your clients and projects visually displayed on the map in the form of separate circles and scale according to the zoom, and when you hover the cursor, the client's name or the name of the project is displayed.

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​​👌🏻 Convenience of communications in Smarty CRM chats

Each of you probably contributes to discussions with several people in social networks or instant messengers. You will note that there are many confirmatory messages, such as “OK” or “I +”. To remove unnecessary volumes of text from your communications, we have developed separate functionality for confirmation and voting. Now you can use one of emoticons to respond to a message.
In addition, the message is often marked read, but it is unclear whether the right person looked at it or not. We added “Track the views” option for this case. Now you will know for sure if a particular employee has received necessary information.

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​​🎬 Photos and Videos in Your Objects

It is now possible to add photos and videos to the Description fields of objects, as well as to Notes and Comments of contacts.
When you hover over these fields, the corresponding icons appear. By clicking one of them, you can insert a photo from your PC, through a link or video via a link.
It is very convenient to use as a basis for a kind of multimedia library of your company.

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​​ Time Management in Smarty CRM

Smarty CRM has a flexible time tracking system. Responsibles can indicate how many hours and minutes are spent on a project.
The boss can estimate the workload of employees at any time. Coworkers can calculate the time required to complete a task.

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​​📋 Goals in Smarty CRM

Smarty CRM allows you to create a hierarchy of goals and visualize the company's success.
Use this feature to work with short, medium and long-term objectives that are set almost in any modern company.
In addition, you can add subgoals to each goal. Due to this, you can see the degree of achievement of higher goals at any time.

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​​🔐 Flexible Access Rights

Simplicity and flexibility of permissions is the reason why Smarty CRM does not require a long and expensive implementation. Anyone can figure out, how the permission system works.
Enter workspace settings, find the Access rights section and set permission groups. You need to be an administrator to do this. Configure them once. When you invite a new employee, simply assign him an appropriate group of access rights.

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​​🤖 New Android App

We decided to make our old and new users a New Year gift: a completely updated Android app.

The new app has a user-friendly interface adapted for smartphones. At the same time, it contains functionality that is almost identical to the web-version. The whole range of business management tools is in your pocket: contacts, projects, day planner, goals and notes!

And most importantly, the built-in corporate messenger has become even more convenient thanks to the updated menu. After all, communication with colleagues and partners is the core of any business process!

Find on Google Play:

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​​🗂 Updated Files Section

New year's surprises continue: the Files section was updated in the Smarty CRM system. Now it is possible to create folders of any nesting degree. Store data library in workspace catalogs.

We really managed to integrate file operations into the business system in the most convenient way. The interface and functionality of the updated section can be compared with the best cloud file storages!

Congratulations on the upcoming holidays!

#NewYear #NY2019 #HappyNewYear #Files #SmartyCRM #CRM
​​🎄 Happy holidays, dear present and future Smarty CRM user!

Christmas and New Year is a time of home and family comfort and miracles. We sincerely hope that Smarty has made your 2018 really productive, and your holidays are truly a well-deserved vacation!

We are pleased to join you in a new 2019 year. We wish you more victories and achievements, good health and family well-being.

Our team is confident that the use of our system will make 2019 even more productive. We have already prepared a lot of surprises that will be available to our users next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Truly yours,
Smarty CRM.
​​💬 Mini Chats for Instant Messaging

Many of you have probably noticed a small icon in the lower right corner of the screen. It opens a list of recent chats. Click on one of them opens a compact window where you can quickly communicate with colleagues or partners on the right occasion.

This icon is available in any section. So internal and external communications of the company are really a click away. The current task does not need to be closed now.

In addition, a mini chat opening became available in any system object to which the chat is linked. The corresponding button is now in the Messages section. The Open mini chat button has also been added to the Linked chats section.

We do everything to make your work convenient!

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​​🎉 New Smiles in Smarty CRM

Have you ever wondered why all company employees are still not replaced by robots?

The answer is simple: man is able to create, which causes strong emotions, reactions and intuitive conclusions. Their spectrum is much wider than “0” and “1”.

That is why we have expanded the range of smiles and reactions to messages. Now, any employee can quickly express a personal opinion on a particular issue. Users do not need to waste words and time to write messages. Thus, business communication and workflows are accelerated.

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​​📞 Call Colleagues Directly from Smarty CRM

Sometimes it is easier to phone an employee to quickly discuss an urgent matter.

Now you do not need to get a smartphone or remember an internal number of a colleague. Call directly from the Smarty CRM system!

To do this:
— in a personal chat, click on the handset icon at the top right corner.
— in a group chat, click on the name of your colleague and click the “Call” button.

Enable microphone, speakers, or webcam in your browser if necessary.

Do not get distracted from work — increase the effectiveness of communications!

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​​🗣Mentions in Dialogues

In any modern company, a huge number of issues are solved simultaneously in various discussions. Sometimes the opinion of a certain person plays a key role in resolving issues, and this opinion is urgently needed.

Now you can mention the required user in any chat. To do this, type the @ sign in the message bar or click on it on the right. Type the initial letters of the user's first or last name to find him and send your message.

The mentioned employee will receive a special notification even if he or she has disabled them in the program. The user will see the @ sign in the chat line in the list of discussions. The person will understand that the staff are waiting for the answer to decide the question.

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​​📜 History of Changes in Object Cards

It is important to be aware of changes in projects, contacts or tasks when using Smarty CRM for your business processes.

This is now possible thanks to the History of Changes option. It is a new page, which contains all the changes that relate to your object, and all information about them.

Now you will always be aware of who, when and how changed the object, linked it to other object or moved to a new stage.

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​​📊 Project View on the Calendar

We have added a new project view to the system according to numerous requests from users. It looks like a graph on a single timeline. A new display is similar to the Gantt chart, for which we are currently developing a fully functional section.

This view makes it easy to understand which tasks are completed, being carried out now or left for the future. You can also quickly estimate the activity deadlines and plan your schedule.

Apply filters to projects on the timeline: by assignees, stages or groups. This will help to assess in detail the current workload of the company. In order to use this view, do not forget to enter start and end dates of your projects.

#calendar #projects #Gantt #SmartyCRM #CRM
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📋 What are “Projects” for You?

In the Smarty CRM ecosystem, “tasks” are affairs with a short execution time, and “projects” are cases with a long deadline. They need to be done, including breaking down into tasks.

But we often hear other things from new and potential customers: “applications” or “works”. Someone treats projects as "tasks" or "cases".

The solution is obvious:
standardization in the field of business process management. But it will take a long time or not happen at all.

Therefore, we added renaming to the “Projects” section of the system. The option is available if the Business or a more advanced rate plan is used. To do this, send your request at or to your personal manager.

Use the concepts, convenient for you!

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​​📑 Custom Fields in Smarty CRM

We continue to work on making our customers feel at home in Smarty CRM :)

Previously, you could set up templates for new objects and move fields from additional information to the main one in each group of the Projects and Contacts sections. Now you can give your own names to various fields of objects, specific to your field of activity and company.

For example, realtors can create the Floor numeric field for objects in the Apartments group, and car dealers can add the On credit check box.

To do this, click the Edit icon next to the group name and the Customize template button on the right side of the interface. Next, you need to select the required field types and set the names for them on the right. And of course, you need to be the administrator of the workspace of the company.

Customize your business processes as flexible as possible!

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