Ski resorts of Andorra
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Andorra, “almost Spain with a ski slope,” does not even have its own international airport, but regularly collects a good harvest every winter from vigorous, ski-hiked ski-tourists. The recipe for the popularity of winter Andorra is simple. A lot of different tracks, as presented here which are supported in the best possible way and are not deprived of lifts - this is the time. Many tourists go here lightly and return packed with the latest ski equipment, bought for very reasonable money. And prices below European. The main summer pleasure is walking along the winding medieval streets: stone mansions, sometimes reminiscent of impregnable castles, ancient churches, a scattering of unusual museums - surprises await at every turn. And, they almost forgot, an additional bonus: profitable shopping (the whole country is a duty-free zone): for every indigenous resident of little Andorra there are more than one store.