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What are the critical core skills that matter in a post-COVID world?
Extensive global and local research, executive interviews and industry validations were conducted by MERCER, to develop and identify Critical Core Skills that matter in a post-COVID world.
What are the Critical Core Skills that are so important for us to thrive in a post-COVID world?

MERCER's recent research finding identifies 16 Critical Core Skills that matter in a post-COVID world.

Discover these 16 Critical Core Skills below!

Creative Thinking
Decision Making
Problem Solving
Sense Making
Transdisciplinary Thinking

Building Inclusivity
Customer Orientation
Developing People

Digital Fluency
Global Perspective
Learning Agility
Self Management
Have you been running a business that has been disrupted resulting from COVID-19?

Facebook is offering USD100M in cash grants and ad credits to help small businesses during this challenging time.
To be eligible to apply for the grant from Facebook, your business must:

Have between 2 and 50 employees
Have been in business for over a year
Have experienced challenges due to COVID-19
Be in or near a location where Facebook operates
(Yes, Singapore-based businesses are eligible!)

Do note the relatively short timeline for grant applications though!
Here’s the link to apply for the Facebook grant!
Despite today’s evolution being largely spurred by advances in technology, the emerging skills of today point towards an emphasis of innate human capabilities.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, the top emerging skills identified are soft skills as opposed to hard, technical skills.

We compile both sides — the increasingly important as well as declining workplace skills below.

What are the three emerging skills that you need the most?

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*6 Skills that cannot be replicated by Artificial Intelligence (AI)*

Given the rapid progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, what kind of abilities should we develop in the coming years?

Find out the 6 skills that cannot be replicated by AI according to the World Economic Forum: