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Hey, welcome! 👋

I am Gleb, the human being from the fabulous city of Vilnius, and this is my channel.

I made it to share the interesting discoveries I do in the information space. Can’t promise posting new content very often as I don’t have much time these days. However, when I have it, I plan to write some articles and share them there too.

Also, this channel is bilingual, some articles along with my remarks to them may be in Russian.
I keep to my promise about rare posts, and after more than two months from the last message, I am sharing an interesting article about slow software. Or rather about what makes people feel that particular piece of software is slow.

Key actionable items for developers and designers:
* Avoid any responses that take longer than 100ms
* Keep latency stable across responses of the same type. The difference can be noticed by the user, even if it’s as small as 70ms
* Removing certain software layers, such as language runtime, can reduce latency. However, it’s better to invest into app optimization, as it has the biggest impact on latency.
* To have low input latency, use Apple IIe as the target for your next app 😛