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A small community of artists that share their love for drawing, sketching, painting, or digital art of all sorts.



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Good morning! Today’s stream will start a bit later (in about 40 minutes). See you soon!
​​Greetings, friends! Let’s proceed with our worldbuilding, shall we? Starting soon!
​​Final chapter in landscape explorations starting soon! Let’s plan the next phase 🧐
Seems like today we will be drawing vehicles and transport!
​​Let’s draw some stuff for the worldbuilding again, shall we? Stream starts in 10 minutes.
Hey everyone, let's try this thing again and draw some maps along the way! Now live on ! Come hang out and draw a bit :)
​​Greetings! It's time to draw again, let's continue on that map from last time.
What if we spend some more time to finish up colouring our fantasy map?

Streaming now on
Let’s finish up this map and create some brushes along the way!
Another Sunday, another stream! Let’s do some thumbnails and materials this time. Or something entirely different!
Today we'll be designing a clothmakers' guildhall or something like that :D
Hey! The plan was to do more perspective studies today, but I got up with a massive headache that refuses to go away, so we’ll have to do that some other time (maybe tonight!). Keep an eye out and have a nice Sunday, everybody! 🥕