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In This channel we will share latest updates and strategies on our Forex robots and trading tools.
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Mg pro results today
Be patient on open trades
Swing vip results
Important note for ea users:

When we mention in recommended setting for example 500 usd for each 0.01 or 1000 usd min for starting promax

It doesn't mean that u can convert currencies and calcualte how much will be 500 usd for example in pound

Robots cant understand the currencies, they can read numbers

So if u are using euro or pound account

Mg pro setting will 500 usd or 500 pound or 500 euro for each 0.01 lot size

The number in ur acc itself must be 500 or 1000 for recommended setting in any currencies that u have
Audcad buy positions
About to close in breakeven
Promax closed trades for today
Swing vip closed trades today
Promax robot closed trades for today
Please be patient on open trades in drawdown

Every year few times , market goes against the analysis

If you are using our tools for longer than 2 months , you should know how well they will handle this situation

Just need to be patient and wait for correction in current trend

We made it easy to earn in forex by auto trading but having patient and being able to handle ups and downs are also important in this journey
Note to our clients

We all know how frustrating and stressful it is to have drawdown.

This is nature of trading, ups and downs

If you cant handle the emotional side of trade when having drawdown , you cant expect to be in this business for long term.

We expecting around 100 pips more drawdown and from early next week the reversal should start.

Make sure u are following the given setting or try to have back up funds for reversal and be patient.

Dont forget the good days which every day robots were closing trades in profit.

We will get back there, we have seen these drawdown days in past few years and its normal , dont panic

Our team are monitoring the market and if any news we will announce here
Please note above msg is about mg pro (same old version) and swing vip new version

We are not talking about swing vip old version , we have been informing to close the old version from 1 month ago

If u didnt listen and didnt move to new version, we cant take responsibility for that.
⚠️⚠️⚠️ Trade alert/News

EurUsd sell positions are closed by Mg pro in profit
⚠️⚠️⚠️ Trade alert/News

GBPUSD positions are closed by SWING VIP V3 in profit
Swing vip V3

Today results
USDCAD also closed in swing vip v3 in profit
Great day
Promax closed trades today
Opoforex broker
Result for today
Hotforex broker
$10,000 profit on $100,000 Real account
*in less than 15 days*
Closed in profit with Mg pro

It was open and in drawdown few past weeks