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I’ve been making something like but someone’s come along and made that, so go there :)
Soooo many half-finished things in my ‘Projects’ folder...
Like my stupid website where all my posts about fixing stupid mistakes are supposed to live,
I’m fully aware my kettle breaking isn’t very high in the global bad news stakes, but still... crestfallen
I still can't work out why the Tumblr API doesn't work when I've got everything right as far as I can tell. Sooo frustrating.
Good that nobody uses Tumblr anymore, amirite?
Kobo Elipsa looks like the e-reader I wanted 17 years ago.
The oldest Millennials are now too old to play Twister. Source: me (the oldest Millenial)
*Millennial. Love a good typo, me.
Still can’t decide whether to do serious Euro2020 fantasy team, or a hilarious one befitting the name ‘Farcelona’.
My last act of the week in work was to accidentally delete all of a colleague’s emails.
Happy Friday.
Everyone in my nation is talking about the soccerball today. And I don’t feel particularly excited. Unsure whether it’s a general malaise, or if I’m inoculating myself against disappointment.
Judging by the ten days of ignored notifications on the phone, I’m guessing it was a general malaise…
Do people build libraries to interact with APIs because they're scared of cURL?
Pfizer vaccine side-effects update: craving broccoli. This has never happened in my life.
So close to choosing an eReader and then Pine Note gets announced and I have to think again…
I’ve used either Maemo or Sailfish for half of the last decade so I’m used to a lack of polish in my OSes but Plasma Mobile on Manjaro is stand-out awful so far..
I suppose the solution is roll up my sleeves and find a way to help the project…
I’m actually feeling angry at how bad Plasma/Manjaro is and that I have to flash a device after maybe 5 minutes of use. And by use I mean entering my name, connecting to wifi and looking at the settings menu.
An app called ‘Photomyne’ in no way sounds like it’s totally going to sell all your personal data 😂
It's "flash a new OS on a phone" time. Wish me luck...