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With the big wave of integrity issues rising in the field of sacred sexuality, there is no better time to be investing in furthering yourself into exploring how you can deepen your sensitivity to understanding the nuances of trauma.

The science of trauma.

The application of somatic work to processing deep rooted trauma.

But also, embodied somatic awareness of how trauma is held in bodies - on a personal level and transpersonally- ancestrally through family lines, culturally and systemically and beyond.

Our work brings in teachings from Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Naturopathic doctors, Medical astrologers and more.

The core essence of the work in SOMAMYSTICA is around teaching practitioners how to become sensitive of their own trauma patterns and how to move trauma in a really GENTLE and sustainable way- no catharsis or nervous system blow outs.

It is only once you can live and breathe this in your own life, that you can hold another through this process as a practitioner.

Our motto is self first.

Our second training for the year, which begins next week, is fully booked out, however we have opened a waitlist now for 2023 trainings.

You can register through our linktree below:

What you may not see, until you come into our training and speak with us, is the incredible work that our team does behind the scenes to ensure that you are held through every step of your journey working with us.

Introducing to you, the core team members and backbone of this business:

Julia Fenn, our Sales Manager & Creative Director

Sally Lemmon, Events Organiser & Faculty Trainer

Alysha McFarlane, our Administration and Customer Relations Manager

Sigourney Belle, our Founder, Director and Lead Facilitator

Our team have been together now for close to 3 years, designing this work so that it is structurally sound and integral.

For those of you that are yet to journey with us, we can’t wait to meet you.

Sigourney & the team x
The Collective Bypass.

Have you ever listened to someone speaking about how they feel so drained by world events and wondered why it’s affecting them so deeply?

Well, transpersonal and collective/systemic trauma and emotional/psychological impact is a real phenomena.

But often, it can be used to bypass something closer to home.

Many people project onto larger issues to stop them from facing the micro issues in their own home/family and personal life.

It’s easier to project our issues onto the government, or onto the economic crisis… inflation… something that is happening on a more global level that may be out of our control.

Because if it’s out of control, we don’t need to do anything about it (ahem - precisely why this is a great way to place blame for our problems - so we don’t need to look at what we need to change in our imminent surroundings)

Here’s the thing: if something transpersonal or bigger than us, is affecting us, it HAS to have something to do with our personal circumstances otherwise it would not be affecting us.

So next time you desire to want to put all of your issues in the hands of something outside of yourself that’s out of your control, ask yourself : where do I feel out of control in my personal life? What needs addressing that I’m not seeing?

Start there.
Forwarded from Sigourney Belle
Proudly presenting to you the somamystica app I have been building out for 5 years for our practitioner base to be able to run their businesses from.

It will soon be available via the apple app download store + on Google play for androids.

For now, you can see what sessions our graduates have on offer, via the link below.
Yeah, look, I don’t get this quote.

People say it to me a lot - “why don’t you just let it go- don’t say anything - keep the peace”

But it’s not peaceful for me to do that.

I don’t bottle things up or put a lid on things, as some would say.

I even had someone say to me recently “why don’t you just suck it up”

Yep, also not how I roll.

I am an excavator of the psyche.

Want to know me or be in my sphere? Well then you are giving consent to my psychological examination 😅
If youre someone that travels alot like me and you have a business thats over 100k a year, you may want to consider an AMEX. Honestly, I love mine. It was an instant wealth upgrade when I received it. Knowing I am receiving points for flights every time I spend, lights me up.
This is something many who push themselves in the self development world, have not integrated.

No amount of supplementation will support you if your body is not receptive enough to actually take in the medicine.

Or if it is not what is right for you.

It doesn’t matter how much you push yourself to “be better”

If your heart isn’t open and you don’t love yourself, you will not be able to receive yourself when you’re finally arriving at the place you have set the goal for.

If you open the heart field and access your natural, sensitive and intuitive nature, you may only need one drop of an essence of plant tincture, not a plant medicine journey that lasts a whole night and that tears through the body in full force and power.
There is a power in simply, being able to witness someone, in their unfolding, without judgement.

Love is the witness that holds an open heart without judgement.

And love is what allows people to open and flower to reveal who they are at their core.

Love allows the soul to emerge.

It gently reminds us of our inherent worthiness.

Of our beauty. Of our value.

And everyone, at their core, desires this more than anything else.

To be truly seen.