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​​Shelf Network became Silver Sponsor on the BlockchainUA conference in Kyiv.
We invite all to visit this event on March 23.

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​​We are proud to announce, that yesterday Lasha Antadze (CEO Shelf Network) won the pitch-session on BlockShow Europe Meetup in Berlin.
It means, that our project will compete for the €50,000 at BlockShow Oscar on May 29.

See you there! 😉
​​Shelf Network team will participate at Crypto Spotlight: & Shelf.Network & Gnosis in Berlin tomorrow.

See you there!
​​Viktor Diordiiev presented Shelf Network at Crypto Spotlight: & Shelf.Network & Gnosis in Berlin.
​​Shelf.Network has been nominated as the Digital Innovation of the Year at Motor finance: Europe conference among the 9 other companies. The 4th annual Motor Finance: Europe conference and awards will take place in Berlin 26 April 2018.
​​Shelf.Network will participate at the Frontier Innovation Awards 2018: Blockchain in San Francisco, along with 15 finalists! Qualifying teams have a chance to win a term sheet from Bee Partners worth up to $1 million in seed or token capital!
​​Starting in Ukraine just in few months!

Great news for Ukrainians! Pretty soon Shelf Network will be available for Ukrainian users. The integrations will begin in May, and thus just in two months Ukrainians will be able to acquire autos with the aid of auctioning network, CEO of Shelf Network Lasha Antadze revealed.

The trial will engage the service, which users will be encouraged to take part in the auction process to pick up a car. Ukrainians will have an access to autos originated from Georgian sellers.

It's to be recalled that Shelf Network has been launched in October 2017.
What is the step forward? We'll keep you posted.
Follow the rabbit and 6 more steps to pull your strategy

Before thinking over your project’s scalability – that posing the question is regular amongst founders of blockchain services – just answer the question, how do you really acquire your clients, says CEO Shelf Network Lasha Antadze.

Let’s take a look at what he calls “creating a natural pull strategy” for blockchain based solutions and what’s this in aid of prior to scale.

“What we really do with the blockchain and our protocol – like most of blockchains and protocols do – we just connect people,” Lasha says. In pursuit of creating a kind of global network, Shelf Network is “experimenting here and there” in acquiring users through building natural pull strategy. And there are 7 crucial steps to get it right.

Let’s check them out»
​​Why doesn’t Shelf Network group have a native utility token? In a nutshell:

1. Like most of blockchain startups, we don’t really need a native token in the current ecosystem. Instead of limiting transactions to a single coin, we are utterly satisfied with integrating external currency tokens and gateway payment systems.

2. Users should have freedom in choosing their medium of exchange

3. We don’t need surrounding speculation on the tokens by those, who only attempt to flip them. Instead, we are focused on long term value, which embraces the core idea of: decentralized auctioning.

4. No regulatory issues.

5. Introduction of price unstable coin brings even more hurdle for regular users to understand the value of the deal instantly.

6.No barriers and unnecessary exchange process for new users.

So, do you really need to put your coin in?
Excited to have our #techstarsdemoday on Thursday at Techstars Berlin. For the following week Shelf.Network will take part in some events in Germany:

20.04 (Düsseldorf) #NKFsummit by NKF Media

26.04 (Frankfurt) Blockchain Summit Frankfurt

26.04 (Berlin) Motor Finance: Europe Conference & Awards 2018, where we are nominated for Digital Innovation of the Year Award

27.04 (Berlin) Learning Journey by Blockchain Circle and Pavel Romanenko (promo code BC-NKF)
​​Over 10 mln used vehicles annually enter the European auction market.

Let’s check the proportion amongst partakers.

As one can see, the dealer wholesale units are number one well ahead of the others.
Thrilled to announce we are among 10 startups chosen to compete at the world’s largest mobility event! Join us at Welcome Tomorrow 2018 in São Paulo on 29-31 October!
#BlockchainWeekBerlin is at full pace, bringing together the leaders of #cryptoeconomy. Today we are at #Dezentral conference. See you!
Shelf.Inc's - Child company was granted a virtual zone operating status, that means that in certain cases we are VAT free! #governmentoperks