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@everyone Tomorrow, Aaron and the Team will be streaming some games at 4PM Central!

We will also be answering questions and running contests to win Sheesh!

We will be playing games with viewers!
@everyone The first game we will be playing is Halo 3 Custom games on the Master Chief Collection. It is cross platform and we will be running contests to win Sheesh!

We can have lobby’s of 16 players and we will be rotating members if we have more than 16!

We will just invite anyone that’s in the twitch chat at the time (:

You can get it on Steam/Windows store and or Xbox!
We are live with our first Community Game Together Stream! We will be playing HALO 3 on the Master Chief Collection, and possibly be giving away Sheesh to members that play with us and win games!

Come join us and learn how to get into the game/lobby!
Hello! I would like to update you guys on what’s going on behind the scenes!

Regarding the June 15th announcement we are excited to stream a live announcement and showcase some of the UI for the project as well as the project details! We will put together a presentation and then answer questions regarding the project on stream!

I will update everyone soon regarding a specific time.

Thank you! ❤️
Its been a while since we had our last gaming tournament! We are now getting ready for a League of Legends tournament on June 19th!

We will have the largest Sheesh Token Prize pool for this tournament totaling 500,000 Sheesh!

More details about the tournament are posted on our sign up form. In the next few days we will have a advertisement created with details on it as well!

For this tournament we are partnering up with @GooseSmurfs#0075 ! Go check them out at:

Sign-Up Form
To go along with the project reveal tomorrow, we will also be doing the following community marketing push tomorrow:

1) Reddit Push on CryptoMoonShots at 1 PM EST (need someone with 3K+ karma to contact me who can make a post)

2) a Twitter meme contest starting at 1 PM EST with a Sheesh Token prize to the most liked tweet! Use #SheeshToken and #SheeshReveal

3) a TikTok contest starting at 1 PM EST with a Sheesh token prize to the most liked video use #SheeshToken and #SheeshReveal
I wanted to update everyone on the reveal! The stream for reveal will be Tuesday, June 15th at 3PM Est. The stream will have a 20 Minute countdown and will reveal the project at 3:20PM! This gives everyone time to join in!
We are very excited to show you our project reveal tomorrow! With that being said we wanted to get the word out about the reveal and throw in a meme contest! This social media meme contest will be on Twitter and Tiktok. The winners will be determined by the most interactions on their post. There will be two winners on each social media site (4 in total). First place will win 50,000 Sheesh, and Second place will win 25,000 Sheesh!

All you have to do is post a meme relating to Sheesh Token with the hashtag - #sheeshreveal

We will be going over the memes tomorrow at the end of the reveal live stream!

Now that the project reveal has been released, we are planning a new roadmap, whitepaper, social media design, and our new website will launch in the next week or two!

We will be holding development update streams throughout the rest of June and July. We will keep you updated with an event calendar coming out soon!

The development updates will be written blog posts posted on our website!

We are very excited to show you guys over the next few months what we will be working on!

Thank you <3
The website is having some technical errors with updating token stats. We are currently fixing that and will be deploying the new website either tonight EST, and or tomorrow afternoon EST!

Following up with this, there will be the new roadmap located on the site as well as a new whitepaper that will be updated throughout the development of the platform!

This week we will also be re-branding our social media accounts!
Stay tuned for an update on a twitch stream/ama soon :)
The new website for Sheesh Token is now here! Come check out, We have switched domains to what we think is more fitting for the project. should also now redirect to Please let us know if there are any bugs.

The roadmap and whitepaper have been updated and will constantly be updated throughout the duration of development.

We hope you all enjoy the new look and website! Social Media re-branding coming this week as well!
There will be a live stream on Twitch tomorrow at 7 PM EST.

We understand after the events of this weekend that you all will have a ton of questions, so please attend. If you are unable to, then it will be recorded to watch later. Thanks!

Stream will be on:
Hello everyone,

A quick update - unfortunately some of our moderators have voluntarily left and we are currently restructuring our team.

Because of this, we have temporarily paused chat in both Discord and Telegram.

Due to the current bear market - the price of most altcoins has dropped significantly and SheeshToken is no exception.

We are still committed to getting the Sheesh platform ready for the next bull run!

Stay tuned to our official announcements which we intend to release every two weeks. Please disregard anything that isn't from the official Sheeshtoken channels.

Thank you all for your patience!