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Dear Users, a new way to attract TikTok, VK and Instagram visitors! As You know, it is impossible to attract an audience from these social networks using the usual method. The first reason — is the limitations of the integrated browser that appears when you click on a link. Integrated browser does not allow advertising algorithms to function, because of this monetization is impossible. The second reason — is partial blocking of all third-party link shorteners. We have developed for you an excellent solution for these problems!

In order to start attracting visitors from TikTok, VK and Instagram You need to add to Your personal link «W». To make the original domain look like «», for example

The user will be greeted with a window asking to copy the URL and open it in a standard browser. Whoever opens the link in the integrated browser will be forced to go to the system browser, where monetization will be possible.
QIWI Bank suspended work. Forced to tell you unpleasant news. QIWI has suspended work with all foreign payment systems. Payments to QIWI wallet are temporarily suspended and declined. Our experts are preparing a separate solution to this problem, follow the news. We recommend using ЮMoney and bank cards for payments.
Dear Users! We wish you a Happy New Year. 2020 was a very difficult year, it gave us all many unexpected challenges. That is why we decided that it was time for you to relax! Our service starts a New Year event that gives all Users 40% of the income from the referral system.
Happy New Year dear Friends! We are glad to congratulate You and wish You all happiness, good health, success and achievement of all goals in the New Year 🥂

2020 has been an ordeal for all of us. There were many discoveries, high-profile events, life trials. Our team wishes You in the New Year to achieve everything that You could only dream of earlier.
3 weeks left until the end of the event «New Year — a time of good news», which gives you 40% of the income from the invitation system! With the event, we published a lucrative offer. If you want to get a stable, long-term and large passive income — this is your chance!

You need — to rec a review of our service on YouTube or TikTok, by publishing your invite link. The review must indicate methods, examples monetizing TikTok and YouTube videos and introduce subscribers to our system. Reviews must be recorded after the start of the event.

We give you 40% of the income from the invitation system forever, if Your TikTok or YouTube review will get more than 5,000 views; You will be among the first 20 people to fulfill the conditions. Offer time is limited only by the number of seats.

Useful TikTok materials — Landing, «Monetization methods», «Start stages of monetization». If you still have questions, or you have fulfilled all the conditions — contact us!
Payeer is a new channel for payments. Changes to the conditions of bank cards.

We are glad to present you the opportunity to make payments to your Payeer wallet. Commissions 0%, minimum payout 50 rub.Additionally, we added the ability to make payments to bank cards in Kazakhstan.

All bank cards in Russia have been suspended to clarify additional information. Now, to add such a requisite, you must specify the first name and last name of the recipient. To restore a valid Bank of Russia card - contact the administration. When adding a new card, all data can be specified in the form.

ЮMoney restored stable work. Fixed bug with adding WebMoney wallet. QIWI payments are now available only for verified users.
Instant traffic monetization without shortening links. New universal tool — Smartlink.

Smartlink technology is designed to webmasters, ad networks, monetize sites. This tool avoids creating dozens of short links.

All you need — to pass in the GET parameter (at the end of the address) your redirect link. After the visiting, the user will be instantly redirected to advertising algorithms, and then to the URL you specified.

For convenience, on the smartlink page, we have placed a form in which you can generate a link with a deeplink.

Thus, having one unique link, you can redirect users wherever you want, while monetizing their visits.
Smartlink allows You to monetize the elements of Your site in one click. If You have a button leading to any product or section, You can easily wrap it through deeplink. After clicking on the link, the user will be redirected to our advertising algorithms, and then to the link you specified.
This media is not supported in your browser
Replace the links in the description under the video in a few seconds without shortening them. If You have dozens of videos, and it takes a very long time to shorten all the links under them, You need a smartlink.

Copy Your unique smartlink and paste it before Your link in the description. Done! Now users will go through advertising algorithms, and then get to the link You specified.

Soft monetization mode, instant redirect without timers and simplified integration will allow You to additionally monetize any traffic for any links in a few seconds. Generate passive income with right now!

We give all bloggers privileges, a bonus to earnings and a referral system. To receive bonuses, contact the service support.
Today the service was unavailable for several hours

One of the largest hosting-providers in Russia crashed due to an accident . Absolutely all provider sites experienced problems with access from 13:00 UTC + 3 to now. To be able to work in such situations, we are already working on a separate solution.

As compensation for losses, we provide a 20% bonus to earnings and 30% for the invitation system to all users for 3 days, until July 1 inclusive. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Payment +50% and a boost rates! Limited offer for our partners

The best offer on the CIS market. We offer you to pick up a 50% bonus for payment for several months right now. What is necessary for this? An open source of traffic and a desire to earn more.

Additionally, rates for Russia have increased for all users, especially for mobile phones. Rates have increased by as much as 40%! It's time to start monetizing your traffic in a new way!

A 50% increase in revenue is available only for 100 users. Don't miss the chance to earn more! To receive the bonus, you need to contact support via telegram @sharemru
One thousand dollars for mobile traffic! $0.98 per 1 click. The most profitable offer ever

We allocate a budget to support mobile bloggers. Android and iOS visits now bring up to $0,7 for 1 click. Upgrade your income 4 times with our unique solution.

Additional charges will come to the hold balance. Every Monday, when we reach $7,02 rubles, we will transfer these funds to the main balance.

All that is required — attract a mobile audience to your links. After complete this simple condition, iOS clicks will be credited from $0,28 to $0,98, for Android — from $0,14 to $0,42. We answer all the questions in the article «One thousand dollars for mobile traffic».