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There is no climate justice without racial justice (and vice versa). We are proud to announce this first book club on Chinese Privilege with Minority Voices, happening on 19 Feb at 2-4pm! Sign up at

Further details will be shared via email with participants who sign up. Thank you!

Has the financialisation of the global economy been a positive for the world? How does financialisation inform our understanding of the neoliberal world we live in? In turn, should the finance industry be seen as an ally in tackling the climate crisis, or is it one of the drivers of climate collapse?

In this session, we will be screening The Big Short (2015), an acclaimed film that reveal the workings of the finance industry, leading to its collapse in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Through this film, we will take time to reflect and think through the effects of our own local financial industry on our everyday life and the trajectories it will shape for our planet.

4 June
Location will be sent to you upon confirmation of participation

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[Give your feedback on the Carbon Pricing Bill by 5 Aug (Fri), 5pm!]

MSE is holding a public consultation on the draft Carbon Pricing (Amendment) Bill and we need your help to write in and ensure a just and inclusive transition. Read our post ( to learn more, and check out our draft template for ideas on what feedback to give:
We need your help to write in by 26 Sep!

The National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) is holding a public consultation on whether to achieve net zero by 2050. We've prepared a guide to make this easy for you! To view it in full and see how to submit your entries, go to
Read our IG post for a summary:
We need your help to write in by 26 Sep! The National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) is holding a public consultation on whether to achieve net zero by 2050. We've prepared a guide to make this easy for you! To view it in full and see how to submit your…
Reminder to submit your entries today before the consultation closes tomorrow! If you have the time, do use our guide as a starting point to write in your personal thoughts and questions as our suggestions are definitely not exhaustive. And if you don’t feel confident in your knowledge on the topic, feel free to cite our guide or the others linked below in your response:

SGCR’s guide (

byobottlesg (

The Weird and Wild (

Energy CoLab (
Yesterday, the government announced that it will commit to net-zero emissions by 2050. Many environmental and civil society groups have been advocating for this, and we celebrate this collective victory. Your voices and support helped make this possible!

Read more on our response here:
SGCR Nature Walk @ Labrador Park

26th Nov (Sat)
4-6 PM

In this walk, we will look at both the natural and man-made environments around us: the sites of Singapore's first two oil refineries, the earlier homes of the Orang Laut, and one of the last mangroves on the southern coast.

Join us to learn and share your thoughts on the past, present and future of this land and how it relates to the climate crisis.

We have limited slots; sign up early at !
GST hike and rising cost of living: Are the ruling elite stealing our rice bowls?

Despite 2 years surviving a global pandemic, Singapore is facing yet another crisis. With the cost of living rising much faster than our wages, many in Singapore are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Transportation, food, and electricity prices have all gone up a lot. Housing prices have skyrocketed to levels we’ve never seen before. And healthcare keeps getting more unaffordable for many of us. Despite all this, the government insists that they need to increase the GST from 7 to 8% in 2023, and 9% in 2024. They say that this is for our benefit. Is this true?

The rising cost of living affects all of us, regardless of age. More low-income families are struggling to put food on the table. It keeps them away from the doctor, and pushes them into further crisis.

While our ministers, mayors, billionaires and CEOs will manage just fine with their high salaries and the fortunes they have hoarded, ordinary people like you and I will have to hustle, scrimp, and scrape for every dollar to survive.

What does this struggle look like for the average person? Are these price hikes as unavoidable as the government says they are? Who benefits from them? Are the GST vouchers sufficient to make up for the rising cost of living? With the government announcing the 2023 Budget on 14th February, what can we, the citizens, do about this?

Join us on Sunday, 29 Jan, from 3-5pm at Orange & Teal (Rochester Mall) for a townhall, where we explore these questions and more.

The townhall will start off with sharing by invited speakers, followed by an open forum with participants.

Get to know the speakers and register for the event!

Tak Boleh Tahan! 2023 is a three-part townhall series organised by Manifestival, a joint effort by various civil society organisations and independent media platforms to encourage democratic, public discussion on important issues that matter to all of us in Singapore.
Tak Boleh Tahan 2023: Different Decade, Different Struggle! ✊🏽❤️‍🔥🔥🍚

If you haven't gotten your tickets to catch the first of 3 townhalls live tomorrow, don't fret! The organisers have invested in providing livestream service. Catch it at this link tomorrow from 3-5pm. RSVP to the event online to get an automatic reminder. More details about the speakers and event in the link here 🙂
On 2 Feb 1963, over 120 working class heroes of Singapore were arrested and detained without trial under Operation Coldstore, which was planned by Lee Kuan Yew, in cahoots with the British government at the time. The detainees were trade union leaders, political leaders, hawkers, cultural workers, journalists, doctors, lawyers, educators and students. All of them were spirited fighters in Singapore’s anti-colonial movement, and their dreams of a free Singapore, their cries of merdeka, were cruelly muffled that day. Many of them were imprisoned for more than a decade, causing untold pain to their families and friends, and leaving Singapore in the hands of a neo-colonial government that would go on to rule the people under an iron fist, deprived of fundamental freedoms to this day.
Today, the 60th anniversary of Operation Coldstore, Dr Poh Soo Kai and over 50 other former political prisoners are releasing a statement demanding the abolition of the Internal Security Act, an apology from the PAP government, and compensation for them and the families of those deceased. Read it at
Young activists of today are coming together on 18 Feb 2023 to honour these heroes and reflect on the lessons that their struggle and sacrifice hold for us. We gather to celebrate their spirit, draw strength from their legacy, build on their traditions and ground ourselves in this precious part of our history that may have been left out of our textbooks, but belongs to this land we walk on, belongs to us.
At this event, we want to go beyond remembering.  We seek to recommit to the principles that drove these women and men, to revive their cries of merdeka, and to reclaim their struggle for a free, democratic Singapore. The gathering, which will be attended by members of the Old Left, is a celebration of intergenerational ties in Singapore civil society. It will include speeches, songs and more, in both English and Mandarin. Refreshments will be provided. Sign up at