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A new article is out! It's called "Things we learn from Plato’s dialogue Greater Hippias". Learn more about this dialogue of illustrious Plato and its benefit for us!
​​Did you know that Plato divides the soul of a man into three elements
– appetitive, spirited, and rational?

Each has its virtue or good provided that the rational rules over the rest. For the appetitive, the good is temperance, that is the moderation of desires. Courage is the spirited soul's virtue. The rational one must possess wisdom. When all parts have the virtues as mentioned above, that is, fulfil their proper function (telos, goal), the result is the virtue of justice.

How to achieve this? The rational soul must rule over the spirited. Otherwise, it, being just a drive, will be under the influence of the appetitive and its desires. But when the spirited is ruled by intellect, it will subject carnal desires and direct them to beneficial things.

Thus, we see that human soul is not a passive medium that just reacts to whatever is around us as many would regard it today with the tendency to reduce it all to brain functions.

And what can train our soul? We need music, poetry, physical exercise, mathematics and sciences, that are crowned with dialectic (philosophy).

If you want to know more, you can check Plato's work Republic. Or visit our website on December 9 to read an extensive article about this topic.
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