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An ecosystem for TON Sites
Contact: @searching_ton
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📣 Launch Searching.ton

We are glad to announce the launch of the beta version of the FIRST TON SITES SEARCH ENGINE.
You can reach http://searching.ton website via TON proxy

Join us, test us, leave feedback here @searching_ton_feedback_bot

Kind Regards, Searching Ton Team.
Hello guys, TON Apps, the official "App Store" of the TON foundation, has recently published us at

It would be great if you write a review!

Do not forget to join our official Telegram Group as well: is a suite of products for the TON (The Open Network) ecosystem

Key offerings include a search engine for TON sites and DApps, domain services through Agorata and extensions to access TON Sites. At, we focus on decentralization, integrating with TON Blockchain for enhanced privacy and security. We aim to provide a comprehensive solution for accessing, discovering, and creating content on TON.

🎙 offers a partnership opportunity for other TON ecosystem participants. We invite developers, NFT collection creators, and TON Domains owners to collaborate on TON Sites creation and enhancing TON NFT usage.

🔹For a deeper dive, visit
🔹For more details on collaboration, contact: @searching_ton
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Crypto Wallets on Any Web Domains

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and GoDaddy have teamed up to link traditional domain names to blockchain-based ENS names, aiming to seamlessly merge DNS with blockchain technology without extra costs or technical expertise. This partnership bridges the gap between traditional websites and blockchain, providing over 20 million GoDaddy users access to ENS benefits like receiving crypto payments. ENS, the leading naming protocol in crypto, enables users to associate human-readable names (e.g., "bob.eth") with complex Ethereum addresses, akin to DNS functionality in URLs. GoDaddy highlighted that this collaboration enables users to connect their domains (e.g., .com) to ENS-compatible crypto wallets, simplifying crypto payments reception.