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MetaGer is an Embeddable Meta Search and what is Meta Search? Meta Search is An Aggregation of Search Engines, a Collection of Search Engines to be easier to say. Guaranteed Private Searching as they claimed. It's server use 100% Renewable Energy. The Owner is a Non Profit Organization.

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As @Telegram is growing bigger and bigger and pulled out more WhatsApp users to join (some cases because WhatsApp make blunder by giving users data to Facebook). Telegram has more richer features in its own service, for example: Voice Chat, Anonymous Group Admin, New version of Bot API and much more. #freeadsgroups #freeadvertising #advertisehereforfree #seo #guestpost
Rich Snippets ☑

Rich Snippets (also known as “Rich Results”) are normal Google search results with additional data displayed. This extra data is usually pulled from Structured Data found in a page's HTML. Common Rich Snippet types include reviews, recipes, events and much more - Backlinko

If your site is informative by helping Search Engines to see your pages, as a return Google will reward you with higher ranking in Search Results.

More info: - Spyfu - Backlinko - Devrix - Accuranker - Outerboxdesign - Google Dev
Google: Shorter Domains Are Not Better For Ranking Or SEO


What John Mueller (Google) said:

From SEO expert:

My comment:

Definitive and content focused URLs are my favorites. I really agree with you @JohnMu . How suffering to build a new brand from unknown single word I can imagine it, big corporation maybe yes (eg: or what about ?.co
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How to advertise my business on Google (and get indexed)

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How to advertise my business on Google (and get indexed)

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Facts about Domain Name

When DNS was first implemented in 1980, it originally defined only 6 original Top Level Domains that were .com, .edu, .mil, .net, .org and .gov while there are more than 700 TLDs today on the internet. The wide expansion for domain names only happened post 2011 with the basic aim of better classification of the web sites, based on their purpose.

Currently, there are more than 100 million domains that are registered under .com solely.

DNS remains the prime target for hacker. Hacking happens when a hacker gets access to the DNS server records for the website he targets to hack. The hacker access the DNS records of the website, modifies them in such a way that the visitors are redirected to some other site. Every time a user visits a website that is hacked, the DNS instructs the browser to locate data from a bogus location.

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