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Black Metal, Neo-Folk, Ambient
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Apart from the S.D.I. releases we have 2 new exclusive distribution titles:

Fahrenheit 6-8-0 - "Freiheit-Gleichheit-Heuchelei"-Promo,
available as Pro-CDr and tape

Under the rune of war - "I-IV (Abschlußkompendium)" 3x CD-Box,
available as standard edition and collectors edition with gold foiled covers and bonus-patch (sample can be heard here:
Freiheit, Gleichheit,...
Fahrenheit 680
Sample of Fahrenheit 680 - "Freiheit, Gleichheit, Heuchelei" Promo
New IUS Ep entitled "Das graue Heer" upcoming in February 2021 on CD and MC...
More details and a sample mp3 soon.
Das graue Heer
Sample of the Ius-EP "Das graue Heer", Preproduction
💿IUS - Das graue Heer - EP

Upcoming in the middle of february on
-Tape and a
-special CD edition with an exclusive ca. 50 pages hardcover book, highly limited (about 33 copies only, the final limitation is still up to be anounced)
The Ep will feature about 13-14 minutes of music with two brand new tracks and a coverversion of the German folk song "Wildgänse rauschen durch die Nacht"
Have a great solstice
The circle comes to its end to be reborn again. Life's standing still, resting, waiting, ... white the spirit's world is rising.
A world is dying, a new one is waiting to grow, fertilized by the old ones ashes.

As it was... as it is ... as it will be