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Merry Kravesm... ehm, Christmas everyone from our awesome, scenic, crazy killer robot (who couldn't refrain from stealing the spot also during the holidays)!
Since Donner was a "weak" boss, let's add some more projectile attacks to his inventory!
A lot of new costumes will make their appearance in the next release of the game! Here's a little preview!
Working on Renzo's story chapter! Here you are some screenshots of the CGI pics!
Share a little nonsense with Wally in this story episode preview!
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Johnson won the first character popularity poll! Never thought he could become so popular😉
There is a reason why Donner is the arcade boss, after all!
Released an interview on the game ;) if you are not annoyed by my Italian-English accent feel free to check it out =P
"You are already shblagalash." - New Hokuto no Ken inspired costume for Evilobster!