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From every country I visit, I try to bring one thing from their culture home. This is what I brought home from Istanbul. I love the Turkish tea culture. They also mastered the tea cup, it's the perfect size for a black tea.
Virtue signalling and exaggerated niceness are the biggest red-flags 🚩

I always trust a bluntly honest cursing person over an overly nice and seemingly perfect person.
Bringing nuclear fusion to market as quickly as possible should be a human project the likes of which the world has never seen.
I wrote a longer essay on how, previously, cities attracted ambitious people who went on to create "the future".

I believe to evolve as a human species, we must allow this collaboration of the smartest and most ambitious to take place independent of location, which creates a massive mastermind.

Read the esssay:
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Just a few minutes ago, Twitter announced that they are forbidding to link to other social media platforms. I think this is a big mistake and absolutely wrong. Instead of a closed platform and a closed internet, we need more open platforms. This is one of the reasons why I will always self-host my personal blog with WordPress. Even though I have only 11 subscribers in this Telegram channel, I will shift my focus toward this channel and – obviously – my blog. Thanks to each of you for your interest in what I have to share. I wish each of you a beautiful evening, day, or morning – depending on where you are.
Good morning from Tenerife!

Today is another beautiful Monday. Which also means it is a new start into a new week. This week is special, as it is Christmas week. Only five days until Christmas – unbelievably how fast the time goes.

We booked a flight to Germany on the 22nd. If everything goes well, we’ll spend Christmas with our family in Germany. They announced some strikes at the airports, but I’m sure it will all turn out alright, and we will fly just as planned.

But before this flight, I have many tasks which I still need to cross off my checklist. Yesterday, I launched a sales course for startup founders, which still needs to get promoted. Then there are several frogs – important tasks I procrastinated for too long because I didn’t want to do them – I should better cross off, before I go into Christmas.

After that, I’m completely free. Like a bird. No commitments, nothing.

I will use the days between Christmas and New Year to contemplate and plan the new year 2023. I have many interesting and promising ideas. I’m absolutely excited for 2023. I never felt better.

But first, let’s tackle this week.

I wish you a beautiful start into the week.
May God, Allah and Krishna bless you.

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Force and Authenticity

When you do something, there are always two ways of doing it.

Either you have to force yourself, or it feels natural to you.

If you force yourself to do something, then what you do is not authentic to you.

People sense this inauthenticity, which makes everything you do even harder.

When you really, from the core of your soul, want to do something, then there is no force.

Because there is no force, there is flow.

It feels like play to you, even if it is incredibly hard.

For those looking from the outside, what you do will look easy.

When there is no force, then there is authenticity.

When there is authenticity, everything will fall into place.

Global Citizen Journalists

For the last two years, I thought about setting up a global network of citizen journalists. One journalist per country. Every journalist is reporting on what is happening in his country on a monthly basis – covering everything from problems and corruption to progress and opportunities.

Today, it’s easy to recognize the problems of one’s own country. But when it comes to other countries, it’s really tough to get an accurate picture of the real situation in that country. You don’t speak their language, you don’t talk to local people who actually live there, you cannot follow independent insider news, and you are not aware of critical journalism in that country. Which means you have to rely on Wikipedia or corrupt and biased (state) media.

A global network of citizen journalists could publish a monthly update on the current state of affairs and living of every country in this world – based on real citizen journalists.

Does that sound interesting and something you’d use and read?
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Just entered the notary office in Germany, instead of a friendly greeting: "we still have mandatory masks here" while handing me a box of face masks. Wow...
Merry Christmas everyone! May the peace of Christmas & spirit of giving remain in our hearts throughout the coming year! ♥️🎄🌟
Thank you, John! This means a lot to me. I'm listening to your feedback.
Nur Mit Liebe
Leben – ob Nord, West, Ost oder Süd
Nur das Eine – und alles genügt
Ohne – suchen wir, hier und dort
Mit – bleiben wir, gehen nicht fort
Gier nach allem – nur eins persistiert
Liebe und eine Familie, die funktioniert
Sleep Schedules & Needs
From my experiments: The best sleep schedule for humans is polyphasic in the summer (±5h at night, 90 min during the day) and monophasic during the winter (8-10h sleep at night; no nap during the day). It’s best to wake up with the onset of the morning dawn (slightly before sunrise).

It is natural for humans to wake up with the sunrise. In the summer, the sun is rising earlier and setting later. This is why I believe during the summer, it's better go to bed later and wake up earlier with overall less sleep (5h or even less) and have a siesta nap (20 or 90 minutes) during the hot summer noon.

Other observations: the more you meditate and the more raw food you eat, the less sleep you’ll need naturally.
Questioning Everything – Why You Should Question Everything

I wrote an essay about the importance of questioning everything and why only questioning can lead to the truth and ultimately to a world of abundance.

One of the more important posts I’ve written in the past years. Enjoy and let me know what you think.