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Forwarded from KellyBroganMD
Media is too big
I've gotten lots of messages recently checking in on how I'm taking all of the "attention" that comes with being an arbitrary part of this news cycle. I've known for some time that media is the propaganda arm of the cult and that in 100% of instances that mainstream media tells you to LOOK HERE (from murders, to protests, to rocket launches), you are looking at scripts, actors, and increasingly transparent ploys to manipulate your perception at best and traumatize you at worst. The only part I care about here is that anyone is still giving these shills their emotional energy. Opt out and focus the most powerful tool you have - your attention - on creative efforts to grow the reality you want to live in, personally and collectively. It's time to unhook from their trauma field and fly free...🕊️
Forwarded from KellyBroganMD
Wondering why so many relationships are a mess right now? I’ll offer my take and my favorite tools for up-leveling TODAY! 😍
Our co-founder, Sayer Ji, along with 11 others, and the whole of the health freedom movement, have been singled out as a threat to public health by the President and his administration. The First Amendment and informed medical choice is being marginalized in an effort to push through unwanted public health policy.

We are asking you to stand with Sayer and all Health Freedom advocates by contacting your representatives to urge them to engage in dialogue with concerned citizens, and to stand up for our First Amendment rights.

Click here to read more, and to take immediate action to talk to your representative! #morethan12 #millionsmorethan12 #istandtoo
STAND WITH THE DOZEN. Join the movement and to take immediate action to talk to your representative! #morethan12 #millionsmorethan12 #istandtoo
Media is too big
Sayer Ji, founder of, responds to President Biden’s accusation that he is “killing people”: also join the stand as we fight for our right to acsess the information needed to make informed medical choices.
Forwarded from Sayer Ji
One of our beloved Greenmedinfo supporters just shared this from the Vancouver airport. This is medical apartheid, an egregious violation of human rights and a sign we are on the well-trodden path towards genocide....assuming we don't do something about this NOW. Stand for Health Freedom is a growing voting-block and grassroots movement that empowers you with the tools to have an immediate and significant impact on the political process: If you are an American, make sure to SAY NO to Vaccine Passports, which are being rolled out in other countries as we speak:
How do you feel about Homeland Security and the Dept. of Defense getting involved in "tackling vaccine misinformation"? The CEO of 'The Center for Countering Digital Hate': "Ahmed said the next step should be a multi-agency task force across the Departments of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Defense and others to look at vaccine misinformation as well as the nexus of anti-vaxxers and other violent extremist movements."
Media is too big
Because of digital censorship and associated personal attacks, my husband Sayer and I have decided to share our deeply personal content in a safe space that we curate for like-minded people, and this has grown into our beloved community, Vital Life Project. 👭🧑‍🤝‍🧑👬👫
It’s the only space of its kind.
When you join, you’ll get access to our entire Sovereignty Series, a collection of resources to guide your liberating from the systems that keep us stuck in a state of dependency—food, finances, school, and even smart phones. My new Smart Phone Emancipation guide in particular is a must-have!

I’ve also included a bonus resource I put together called Own Your Self in the Time of COVID. It’s a compilation of articles and videos on the subject of freedom and self-ownership that I hope provides some grounding amidst this challenging terrain. See you in there at introductory pricing before we set the ongoing fee on Monday!
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Pam Popper is a voice of reason, justice, and compassion, and someone we trust at This video on "Kids and Quarantines" is a very important one to watch if you have children enrolled in conventional schools which have received funding related to COVID-19, which binds them to upcoming isolations/quarantine/vaccination/testing/tracking agendas that they wish to roll out: Don't like where things are going? Stand up now with the "Put our Kids First" campaign at Stand for Health Freedom here:
"The more time you spend with unvaccinated people in enclosed spaces for long periods of time, the higher your risk of crossing paths with the Delta variant, or any other variants that may crop up." Do you see what they are doing here? Take a look at steps 3 onward to 10 to understand the well-beaten path to genocide and how those who refuse to vaccinate are now being equated to "disease carrying threats":