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Need some help with data entry for the new site! Are you able to spare a few hours? Very simple work
Can anyone help us move the businesses from the old map into the new one this week?
As soon as possible really
Channel name was changed to «Save Canada NEWS»
Channel name was changed to «Save Canada Army NEWS»
Channel name was changed to «Save Canada NEWS»
Richelle got her flag! Did you? The more symbols of freedom we show, the sooner we win!
HOLD THE LINE. Even when things get tough, you know what your heart says.
Hey guys, I’m really enjoying doing what I can to help save the country, but all of this stuff we do is volunteer and actually costs us money to do.
So I came up with a way to pay my bills after I was blocked from getting my real estate license

I’ve spent a ton of time building websites and virtual event platforms, but for the last while I only did it to help Freedom people

Some of my volunteer projects are Save Canada, the Freedom Map, Freedom NS and the CUSF virtual annual Agm

Checkout the new Atlantic underground podcast website below, I built it for Chris and Johnny.
They are real Truth Warriors who cover all topics about the world to expose lies. There will even be a Truth Warrior store soon once I get it up with them

I can build you a website for pretty much anything you can dream up, I’ve done them all 😎

If you or anyone you know needs an awesome web project done, checkout my projects and hit me up on

We're in the final stretch with the new Freedom Map! Can you help us with data entry? Comment here or DM me!
Photo Dump from the Weekend!
See you tomorrow!! 🧺
Bring your Face 😆
Where are you?
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Hey Everyone, at a rally a few weeks ago a homeless man really touched my heart.

We were inspired to team up with Food to the streets to help the homeless people around Nova Scotia, all funds raised from this raffle will be used to buy food or winter clothing to help our most vulnerable people around the province\