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What may now happen is that the vaccinated will only marry into the vaccinated. The unvaxxed, likewise.

The unvaxxed will then be forced to live off somewhere in the wilderness since they'll be forbidden from shopping for groceries and will lose their jobs, so won't have any money, anyway.

This dystopian scenario is not as implausible as it may sound. It is more or less how India's untouchables live today - far from the "main" groups of people, shunned by all. They have only a few disgusting jobs, and have to sustain themselves by eating rats and insects.
"It’s not the government's job to protect my health, it’s their job to protect my rights".

That was the original idea of health: that you take responsibility for yourself and the government fights for your right to look after yourself. But through the "success" of intrusive regulation and socialised healthcare over the course of two generations, most people started expecting governments to eliminate all risks - and to "look after" their health.

And so the government morphed from night watchman to nanny, to Mommy. People evolved from rugged, risk-taking, self-respecting individuals into terrorised bunnies, cowering at every shadow of an eagle overhead.
When that Hazzard man berates the unvaxxed, saying they expect taxpayers to look after them when they fall sick, he's quite right. That's because people in Australia have basically forfeited their right to look after their own health - through socialised healthcare.

Just like doctors have no right to complain about AHPRA's control over their right to independence as professionals - having wanted for decades to create a monopoly to protect bad doctors, likewise the unvaxxed don't have a right to complain when the Hazzards of the world taunt them for expecting the taxpayer to pick the tab for their healthcare.

When you sow the wind of socialism (Medicare) and monopoly unionism (licensing of doctors) don't complain about the whirlwind that you reap.

When you want the government to be your Mommy, don't be surprised if it becomes the Super Mommy.

There is not the slightest spirit of freedom and self-respect left in the DNA of Australia. It is a cradle-to-grave Mommy state. A Mommy who is expected to save us from all harm and to pay for us when we fall sick.

Maybe we need to rethink who we are and who we want to be.
A brilliant take on the havoc caused by shutting down schools in India.

Via this video (of which I've only watched a couple of snippets) I've discovered two sensible thinkers:
1) IIT Bombay Professor Bhaskaran Raman ( and
2) Epidemiologist Brian Wahl

An obvious point mentioned by Raman - it is a delusion that children escape the covid virus by not going to school. They get it elsewhere - at home via adults. The fact that they are virtually never affected by covid means that their parents think that by stopping them from going to school they've somehow "saved" their children.

Second, as usual, it is the "educated" and wealthy parents who are panicked by the thought of sending their children to school, not the slum dwellers - who are insistent that their children go to school. The poor know that education is the ONLY chance their children will have of making progress in life and by shutting down schools, their children's future is being compromised.
Dismissed. In times such as these, neither reason nor ethics matters.

There are NO arguments on the side of those who are resorting to force. If ANYONE in the government or media has a SINGLE good argument why everyone must take these vaccines, please let's hold a public debate. I am willing to bet that you'll lose the debate. You'll be routed. ALL the facts, all the ethics are against the use of force.
Must watch. Each and everyone promoting vaccine mandates is a collectivist. And all collectivists are communists/socialists regardless of what they call themselves.

We can see how communism operates: it justifies coercion in the name of the "common good" - but the "common good" is apparently only known to the government. This kind of common good inevitably involves harming individual X in order to allegedly save individual Y.

[M]y anger is rising by the day at the way our government is treating us. We are being locked down, shut up, discriminated against and silenced, and it is not in any way even-handed.

Despite the propaganda that ‘we are all in this together’, the reality is that the wealthier suburbs and wealthy people are only being slightly inconvenienced, whereas those at the bottom end of the social barrel are being pilloried!

The most gut-wrenching example I’ve experienced this week came via a friend who I’ve been associated with for at least five years. She is a woman who struggles with health issues (physical and psychological) and lives in a community housing block in Sydney called ‘Common Ground’. It's run by Mission Australia and set up for people with long-term homelessness problems.

Apparently, four of the 130 people living at Common Ground tested COVID positive. The response of the NSW government was to lock down the entire facility and order the 126 'healthy' residents to remain locked in their single-bedroom units for 14 days. Police officers were apparently patrolling each floor to make sure that no one escaped, with on-the-spot fines for anyone who tried to get out of their front door!

I initially thought that my friend must have been exaggerating, but it has now become mainline news. I find this mind-boggling! I can’t imagine how I would handle being held in solitary confinement like this, and I am reasonably mentally robust. These people are amongst the most vulnerable members of our community and they are being tortured for two full weeks and, I’ve been told, if someone else in their facility tests COVID positive, the two week period starts all over again!

Apparently, food is being delivered but alcohol consumption is being strictly limited to six beers or pre-mixed drinks per day, with excess alcohol and cigarette deliveries being confiscated! The Health Department says that the limiting of alcohol aims to "ensure the safety of health staff and residents". I have never heard of anything so paternalistic and unaustralian!

I can only conclude that these people are being punished because they are poor. Can we even imagine the authorities trying to take this line with wealthier people living on the North Shore, with police bursting into their mansions and going through their liquor cabinets, confiscating whatever they consider excessive? Truly, this is becoming a war against the weak!
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See comment below:
Here's more data coming in - this time from the UK - and this suggests that the vaccines are doing a good enough job among those over the age of 50.

Note that I'm assuming a uniform distribution of pre-existing antibodies and co-morbidities among both the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, so the only difference is the additional antibodies that the vaccinated have.

Someone vaccinated in the age group of 70-79 seems to drop into the risk category of the unvaccinated who are in the age group of 50-59. That's a pretty good result.

As I said, within three months such data will become even clearer and we should have a strong answer to the question: do these vaccines stop death? With the large numbers involved, we are now talking about statistically meaningful results here - and the preliminary answer is that yes, the vaccines are probably worthwhile for those over the age of 50.

As more data comes in, I'll write a piece on this in the Times of India. Sadly, the governments are still hammering away at vaccine mandates. Instead, they should be publishing and highlighting these kinds of data, which are statistically robust and therefore meet the test of scientific proof.

It also seems that at the much younger ages (e.g. <30), the risk from known side effects from vaccines could potentially overwhelm any benefit from reduced covid risk. We now have data to assess these risks. The governments should be publishing the cost-benefit tradeoffs, instead of going further crazy through their attacks on the young who have little or no risk to life from covid. In any case, it is the job of the government to provide the data, and let the people choose. Who gives the government the right to mandate and coerce a medical procedure?

Why are the statisticians of the world keeping silent? This pandemic needed good economists and statisticians. Instead we have MORON politicians and "epidemiologists" driving the show. Even among the good epidemiologists, there is NO ONE who is studying the data: they too wave their arms around and claim that vaccines work. NO!! THE PEOPLE NEED PROOF.
The reason we should oppose health monopolies (government licensing of doctors, government licensing of drugs) is because men, on average, tend to be imperfect and often evil or stupid. The reason the reputational mechanism is FAR superior to government regulation is because is allows ALL relevant information to bear on a particular question (e.g. quality of a doctor, quality of a drug).

Hayek: "the main merit of the individualism which he [Adam Smith] and his contemporaries advocated is that it is a system under which bad men can do least harm. It is a social system which does not depend for its functioning on our finding good men for running it, or on all men becoming better than they now are, but which makes use of men in all their given variety and complexity, sometimes good and sometimes bad, sometimes intelligent and more often stupid".

The reason we are facing the calamitous policies of the covid pandemic is because we have CENTRALISED all information into the heads of a few (or even one) "regulators". We are now hostage to the same problem that led to the economic collapse of the USSR. Centralisation of information into the head of a regulator is IMPOSSIBLE. That's why we must disband (almost) all health regulation and let the markets (people) decide for themslves.

Yes, the market system will be rather volatile but that volatility will allow the truth to emerge. The current system DESTROYS any prospect of the emergence of the truth. We are now facing full fledged HEALTH COMMUNISM
Media is too big
An update for fellow Australians - Morrison's actions are untenable and he had better start counting his days to the election.

(A bit higher resolution at:
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Dear Stupid ABC, I know you closely monitor my Telegram channel.

Your IDIOTIC "fact checkers" slandered me for saying what this academic from Standford University is saying: LOCKDOWNS KILL.

Now can you put your attack dogs against Jay Bhattacharya, please? And against the thousands of experts who have said the same thing?

Why pick on me? Because I'm a direct political threat to your master Morrison?

Be sure that when AusReps comes to power we will ensure that EVERYONE in ABC who was involved in spreading lies will be brought to justice. You have participated in DESTROYING Australia, and I never forgive and never forget those who knowingly harm others.
Poor Australia. A laughing stock. That's because we have the world's most brainless politicians and media. These people can't do basic arithmetic, can't read charts. Time to show them the door.
By now there are even more proofs that the vaccines do significantly reduce deaths - these are statistically meaningful, something I'm willing to consider.

It is increasingly unlikely that these initial trends will be disproved by data in the coming months. It is like a trend in an election: once a significant number of votes have been counted, an overall prediction about results can be made without too much difficulty. The odds are strongly narrowing for a statistically valid proof that while covid vaccines (a) don't eliminate covid, they (b) do reduce - quite significantly - the prospect of death from covid.

This does not consider vaccine side effects, so there's a customised, tailored calculation that needs to be made in each individual case.
Don't be misled by the title of this pre-covid article in Nature. It argues vigorously AGAINST MANDATES. Mandates end up harming the socially and economically disadvantaged.

Education is always the best way forward. "Studies show that public messages that broadly extol the safety of vaccines are less effective than addressing parents’ specific questions."

This article should be "compulsory" reading for our power-hungry, totalitarian politicians.
This meme is not an exaggeration. That's precisely what a vaccine passport is designed to achieve.

The worst part is that all this is being done for a pandemic which is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to identify in Sweden's data of the past 20 years (chart below).
Forwarded from Sed Edwards