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Fear has overcome mankind's basic capacity for arithmetic. Without the use of reason, we can only degenerate into a primitive society.

AusReps is determined to lead through reason.
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"If something goes wrong you're stuffed. That's the truth, Mr Murphy!" - Jacqui Lambie

Extracted from:
"If something goes wrong you're stuffed. That's the truth, Mr Murphy!" - Jacqui Lambie


Even the most basic consumer products are warranted in Australia and if the products cause any harm (no matter how rare) the companies are liable for damages. That's why we have consumer protection laws. But these laws have been abandoned by the Liberal and Labor party for these vaccines. Clearly these parties are acting on behalf of vaccine companies, not representing the interests of the people.

AusReps rejects the idea of exempting any private company from liability for harm - and that includes causing the death of those who receive a vaccine, despite informed consent. No law can waive away people's rights to justice and compensation. The freedom to produce and make profits comes with an associated accountability. There is no freedom to harm others. Vaccine companies and TGA cannot be exempt from this principle.

This evening Morrison, on behalf of the National Cabinet announced that those who exercise their free choice not to be injected with an experimental genetic vaccine, will be punished and have their freedoms restricted.

This is a violation of our Constitutional freedoms as well being a violation of the Universal Declaration of Bioethics & Human Rights.

We are going to fight this.
I've just received my permission to travel to India to be with my sick father.

Must be record time: less than 36 hours after applying.

Amazing. But a huge relief that my application was not rejected.
Thanks everyone for your good wishes on my being able to get permission to get out of the Australian prison.

This is not something one would have needed in any civilised society - but Australia has long forsaken that aspiration.

Its politicians and a vast majority of its people are happy with a totalitarian and barbaric state: closed borders, closed workplaces, a police state, and now the army stepping into civilian life to terrorise the people. And, of course, democratic protests banned and people beaten up. There were even more oppressive incidents than this during British rule in India, so ultimately Gandhi had to come out and fight through civil disobedience, after all democratic and civilised options had failed. Australia might be ripe for civil disobedience in a few months.

Btw, for those who might not be aware, the conditions imposed by Australia's government on people going to India are *far harsher* than for those going to other nations. That's why I couldn't apply to leave earlier despite my father being hospitalised on two occasions in the recent past. For other nations it is enough for a close relative to be "seriously" ill but for India the condition is "critically" ill. Only now after he was (unfortunately) diagnosed with stage 4 cancer have I been able to apply.

Barbarism is being seamlessly combined with racism by governments in Australia today - that's the unfortunate state of the "lucky" country as we speak. I will not stop fighting these terrorist governments in Australia even if I manage to get to India. It's game on. AusReps vs. the terrorist Liberal and Labor parties.

On a side note, for those interested in my father, here's a FB page I maintain sporadically for his book on Vedic Metaphysics:

And for those in India, a printed version:
The simplest way to live a moral life is to understand freedom - one's own and that of others. And the only discipline that systematically studies freedom is economics. Or rather, political economy (moral philosophy).

There are many wonderful free books on

And there is a really short and simple book I've written: - praised by Vernon Smith, Nobelist in Economics.
How many people get the flu each year?

Take a guess.

"Influenza is a serious global health threat that impacts all countries: every year, there are an estimated 1 billion cases"

No one goes crazy and does PCR tests on each of these billion people. Sick people stay at home. A few serious ones have to be hospitalised. Some die.

We have lost all sense of context and science during 2020 and 2021.
A claim has been made that we now have proof that the Pfizer vaccine doesn’t prevent covid deaths. This is about a clinical trial published in BMJ on 30 July 2021.

Twitter has just banned a major journalist, Alex Berenson, for a week for posting a link to the study, along with an *incorrect* comment which says: “the pivotal clinical trial for the @pfizer #Covid vaccine shows it does nothing to reduce the overall risk of death. ZERO. 15 patients who received the vaccine died; 14 who received placebo died. The end. The trial blind is broken now. This is all the data we will ever have.”

Unfortunately, Alex has been blind-sided by an assumption that these 14/15 were covid deaths. That’s NOT what the study says.

This is what the study says:

"Around 44 000 people aged over 16 were recruited to the clinical trials from July to October 2020, including participants from the US, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, and Turkey. Of these, half were given the Pfizer vaccine and half were given the placebo, a saline solution.

"During the blinded, controlled period of the study, 15 vaccine recipients and 14 placebo recipients died. In the open label period, three Pfizer recipients and two original placebo recipients who received Pfizer after unblinding died. Investigators concluded that none of these deaths was considered to be related to the vaccine".

The study doesn’t tell us that these 14 or 15 people died from covid. This is just the TOTAL number that died during the study period.

In that case the difference in deaths of just one person is NOT statistically significant given the very small sample size. Let me explain:

Since 60 million people die each year, with only around 2-3 million from covid, the probability of any given death being from covid is 2/60 (in reality is it less than that). This is a very tiny difference from "normal" expected total deaths. Therefore, we expect a dead heat in TOTAL deaths between the two samples for such a small size of study. If there are 14 deaths in one sample and 15 in the other, that could be easily due to random variation. It therefore proves NOTHING (i.e. whether the vaccine prevents deaths).

I had raised this issue - of the problem of proof of true efficacy of the vaccine - a long time ago. For diseases that kill very few people, the efficacy of any treatment in preventing deaths is pretty challenging to determine. To be able to statistically validate a claim that the Pfizer vaccine actually prevents deaths, we'd need to increase the sample size by around 10, i.e. to half a million people. Then the difference in deaths between the two samples should become evident.

The study summary at:

The full study:

Note: Even though Berenson's analysis was incorrect, I don't agree with Twitter's ban.
I was looking back at the cost of bad advice and the value of good advice. If the Victorian government had followed my advice of 28 February 2020, they would have saved hundreds of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. And the advice in my TOI articles since March 2020 would have saved Australia even more.

The bad advice of the Treasury has cost us the reverse - hundreds of lives and hundreds billions of dollars. Those who work in the Treasury must feel a sense of deep shame each day when they survey the wreckage they have created around them and consider their failure to raise their voice. How do they even manage to sleep, having betrayed their oath to serve the people of Victoria?

Let them be sure, I'll work towards a Royal Commission and no Treasury executive who failed to speak out will be spared. And those who spoke up will be rewarded.
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A July 2021 report by CDC shows that nearly 2/3rd of those who died over the course of one year in the USA with covid had over SIX co-morbidities.

There is no more conclusive proof than this, that the healthy have virtually nothing to fear from covid. Only 3.5% of the deaths were of those with one or less co-morbidity. Obviously, the elderly have more co-morbidities and are therefore more vulnerable.

AusReps calls for a risk-based approach to covid management, not the one-size-fits-all approach adopted by Australian governments. The healthy and children should not be locked up and harmed in an attempt to save the sick. Such an approach violates not just the science but basic ethics and human rights.
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This Alan Jones video which had over 4 million views on YouTube was removed recently - either by Sky News or by YouTube. I've uploaded on Odysee.
But the internet is not Google. There is no way that the truth can be washed out in the age of the internet. Blockchain based platforms like Odyssey will never allow content to be wiped out since it is stored in multiple servers.
The brilliant Kate Wand makes the best videos on a range of topics.

Freedom! This is a topic that has been my passion for over 25 years. Here's a nice little video.

For those interested in exploring further, I've got a manuscript:

One day I hope to find time to finish the book.
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“Political genius lies in extracting success even from the people’s ruin" - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

This extract from a 5-year old video shows how fear is being used as a tool of success by the Liberal and Labor parties - at the expense of the people.

In the end, there is only one antidote to fear: knowledge.

AusReps, being the only party of debate in Australia (and perhaps in the world), is determined to allow the people the freedom to ask questions and find their own answers.
The minimum wage has been fatal to the blacks in America. In the past they were hired at lower wages than whites and at least got some work experience and moved up the ranks. Since the minimum wage, many are not hired at all - forcing two generations of blacks into poverty, broken families and drugs.

Minimum wages INEVITABLY harm those whom they are intended to help. This is the kind of counter-intuitive reasoning that is part of the discipline of economics. The road to hell is ALWAYS paved with good intentions. Unless we can see the invisible, we will harm those whose welfare we seek.