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||जय बाबा स्वामी||🙏
स्वामीजी, Melbourne, ऑस्ट्रेल्या में हो रहे “Mind, Body, Spirit” फ़ेस्टीवल में ‘समर्पण ध्यानयोग’ का stall रखा गया है| जो 22nd, 23rd, 24th नवंबेर को हैं। समर्पण ध्यानयोग का स्टॉल नंबर C-23 है|🌸
Jai baba swami, with Blessing of Gurudev, Samarpan Meditation Talk and video Shibir was conducted at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar University Ahmedabad. Around 150 staff members , professor and Vice chancellor of University attended the session. Meditation was also conducted for them. Thanks to Gurudev and Gurushakti for successful Shibir.🙏


With the soul consciousness reducing, people are experiencing *despair and disappointment*.

Baba Swami
21.11.2019 星期四



🌺सिगांपुर अनुष्ठान २ दिन🌺🌺
आज अनुष्ठान सुबह 9 से 5:30 बजे तक 8:30 घंन्टे चला आज का दिन भी चैतन्य पुणे वातावरण मे सपन्न हुआ। आज गुरूवार होने से गुरूकृपा विषेष बरस रही थी ।
आपका अपना
बाबा स्वामी
🌺 Singapore Anushthan-Second Day🌺
From 9 this morning to 5.30 in the evening, the Anushthan went on for 8:30 hours. Today too, divine consciousness enveloped the entire atmosphere. Today being Thursday - the Guru-energies were showering especially.
Your Own
Baba Swami
सेन्टर इस बिल्डीग के पहले माले पर ही है
जहॉ खिडकीयो पर पेपर चिपकाया है
🙏Pranam Gurudev🙏

Today 2 session took place in Johannesburg.

The first was a meditation session for a corporate company called Toll global forwarding

Many fell asleep during the session

The second session was a 10 minute concentration class at timbuktu aftercare
Many kids felt someones hand being placed on there head


Looking at life with negative feelings is making life *difficult* day by day.

Baba Swami