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“Learn to be patient ! Take your time when considering investing in any markets. Invest in companies you believe in, but long-term is where the real wealth is made.”
That’s some investing wisdom from Sakal’s leader Kris Bort. As a top producer with almost two decades of Wall Street experience and now head of a successful fund that is generating wealth by focusing on late-stage pre-IPO investments, he knows what he is talking about. Take heed.
And if you want to talk to an expert from the Sakal team about your investment opportunities, book a free consultation today.  
Hot new IPO: “YouTube” of the gaming world is building a $45B empire
If you are a parent anywhere in the world, you have most definitely heard of Roblox. In fact, there may have been a little too much Roblox in your life since the pandemic. Well, the brilliant innovative approach to gaming put this platform on the map as a fierce industry disruptor and a great company for investors.
This month, Roblox began its life as a publicly traded company. Shares debuted at $64.50, well above the reference price of $45 set by the NYSE, and quickly traded up to $72.93, bringing the company’s valuation to $45 billion, which is ten times more than it was a year ago.
Roblox is an online video game platform where you can play and create games. It’s similar to Minecraft, but the characters and worlds look a little more like "The Lego Movie.  
Roblox isn’t just a game you can play. It’s a place where you can design your own game and build your own world of success and fame. The design is simple enough that children can design games for other children. Users can learn how to build games and how to monetize them. Users can also purchase in-game features from other users for their own world. This is worlds within worlds within worlds. Talk about an exponential growth strategy! The company will continue to grow along with its users and the worlds they create. The users can grow and age with the platform continually evolving and pumping revenue into Roblox.
Their unique model of outsourcing game development to the players helped the company’s valuation skyrocket in the past year. Of course, global lockdowns and kids staying home boosted the platform’s popularity even more. Roblox boasts 32.6 million daily active users and a jump in revenue of 82% in 2020 to $924 million.
Among the most popular is a game called "Adopt Me," where players adopt, raise and trade pets. You'll start by hatching eggs, then complete tasks like feeding, bathing and taking the pet to school to help it grow. According to Adopt Me's main page, it has more than 20 billion site visits since it first launched in 2017.
“As an investor, this is the kind of company you want to have on your radar early on. That’s why the best strategy is focusing on the late-stage per-IPO space. At Sakal Ventures, our approach is to buy best-in-breed companies in disruptive sectors. We purchase every security for cash and employ zero leverage. The private market has been transformed over the past decade. Private companies can receive proper financing without the public markets. This allows companies to come public at the right time. We see so much opportunity in this space, because most investors do not have access to invest in the private market or the ability to research these companies. When these companies do access the public markets, it allows a greater number of investors to acquire positions. This is why we believe that the private sector is the most attractive place to deploy capital today. If you know what you are doing or work with the right fund advising you, the capital appreciation the private market can provide is simply unprecedented,” says Kris Bort, founding partner of Sakal Ventures.
If you want to learn about recognizing  the most promising companies at early stages, book a free consultation with Sakal Ventures. Gaming is one of the sectors our experts monitor closely, always looking for the next amazing unicorn. We will teach you to invest in the pre-IPO space like a billionaire even with limited resources. Talk to one of Wall Street’s smartest minds about your investment options.  
First anniversary of 2020 stock market crash: lessons for investors

One year ago, stocks dropped 12% in a single day. From the Feb. 19, 2020 high to the March 23 bottom, the S&P would decline about 34%. The markets have recovered since then, but the world is now a different place, and every industry has been affected.

When asked about the main lesson for investors, Kris Bort, founding partner of Sakal Ventures, says that the 2020 turmoil has only confirmed what he knew before the pandemic, “Learn to be patient! Take your time when considering investing in any markets. Invest in companies you believe in, but long term is where the real wealth is made.”

A lot of things about investing have changed. Investors now sell ‘fast and big’, and policy officials act ‘fast and big’ to save the world. The week of the crash, the Fed instituted a massive stimulus program, bringing rates almost to zero, and announced the plan for significant asset purchases.

Experts describe the situation on the markets as some kind
The flurry of tech listings will provide a much-needed boost to London’s financial markets, amid fears that the city could lose ground to other European financial hubs

Several founders of companies who are potentially thinking of listing in Europe are now reconsidering those things for London

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The word on the street is… Microsoft is interested in buying instant messaging and digital distribution platform Discord for almost 10 BILLION
Why? Well, because it’s a great company that is doing everything right and providing a service that is crazy popular in the gaming community. Microsoft would not be able to build something like that from the ground up.
So many amazing private companies out there. If you want to learn how to invest in them, book a free consultation with Sakal Ventures.
“Individual investors should have access to opportunities that they have traditionally been locked out of. But as new players get into the game they need to remember that the tried and true strategy works every time: invest in great companies at the right prices and be patient,” says Kris Bort, founding partner of Sakal Ventures, commenting on the success and controversies surrounding Robinhood.
The commission-free trading app filed for an IPO despite the PR nightmare the company is going through. Experts say that in the current market this might actually work.
However, at Sakal Ventures, we are convinced that the private market is where investors should focus their energy, exercise patience and expect great gains.
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