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Today was provisionsing for the big crossing to Colombia. Another 1300 miles.

Shopping grocery or anything here does take a big toll on your account. Today's bill was 2090 Euros.

But we do have enough for about 3 month if you don't need fresh things. With fishing we could extend this even further for a crew of 3 to 4 people.

We don't want to get stuck somewhere and depend on the government or anyone. Sufficient supplies of food or other things are paramount if you want to be self-sufficient for a few month on a yacht.

We will depart to Colombia on Tuesday morning. Trying to stop over in Tobago without clearing in. Then continue to Curaçao and shortly after to Colombia.
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Goodbye French guyana. Delayed by a couple of days. With a small stop in Tobago we will stop in Curaçao officially and then after a couple of days continue our trip to cartagena Colombia.

Be safe everyone, I'll report back in a couple of days.

Estimated arrival Tobago + 72h
Curaçao + 7 days
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Time to leave. Goodbye tobago and hello 4 days of ocean. Reaching Curaçao in about 3 to 4 days depending on the wind.

Stay safe!
Currently passing Los Roques Venezuela
only having short internet due to the archipelago.
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We decided to stop in bonaire for now. Curaçao is our next destination. Taking a few days to recharge our batteries after this long journey.

Finally crystal clear water again after half a year of brown rivers.

There is no masks worn anywhere here except government buildings I heard. So if you like a paranoia free place. Get over here
November 2, 22:05

Getting ready for departure. Bonaire was very beautiful, a divers paradise.

Everything has to come to an end but it's not as bad because we are finally reaching Colombia. A big thing for me, it's like coming home.

470 miles in total
Expected arrival + 84 hours
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Just passing Curaçao within the 12 mile zone promptly getting visited by the coast guard.

Protective as they are
The statist loses no time but to protect his religion from the dangerous flu.

No one comes in or out without them knowing it. Luckily we are safe thanks to the state making sure no one gets sick ever!

Floating away back into international waters makes me feel even safer though
Currently on anchor in Taganga Colombia. We arrived late last night and spent the day here recharging out batteries.

This is a backpacker-vibe fishing village that has become the up-and-coming hip place, experiencing a lot of development. It is still a little rough around the edges but in a couple of years the village is expected to have more amenities as the swanky vacation homes currently being built on the hillsides. Unless by 2030 we will be happy owning nothing?

Maybe it's time to become a pirate and join the salty sailing nomads by expanding the fleet?⚓️ would you or do you already sail on your own boat?

Will be lifting anchor 00:00 tonight, sailing to Cartagena
Cartagena - Colombia

For me personally a place I call home. Colombia has been my home for many years since my arrival in 2011 I have spent 8 years in Colombia and its neighboring countries.

Ever since Leaving Montenegro in September 2020 has this city been my destination making it a great desire to finally reach it. But our decision to sail to Brazil has pushed my goal even further back.

I managed to embrace Brazil,successfully sailing the entire coast,refitting the Staatenlos and dodeging deportation.

Now finding myself in cartagena after all these beautiful yet challenging moments.

I feel I arrived, at least for a month.

New plans are already in place and our journey continues after new year!

Any idea's where we will go?
Finally after a long break, sickness and hustling in Colombia to get our repairs , I'm back!

Victron has sent us the inverters we needed to replace the broken ones which still are under warranty but the replacements were sent incorrectly

Had to buy them free from the crooks of the Colombian government. Unfortunately it was rather expensive, 2000 euros to liberate them.

Time to install the bad boys

Merry Christmas everyone !!!
Chicken picked the winner of the Christmas lottery.

The winner won a consulting with Christoph